December 15, 2013

Grey Topics: Disney College Program Party Buses

I've been long over due for a Grey Topic! However, this topic must be one of the most debated topics of program hopefuls and participants. I'm talking about the Orlando Party Buses, Cast Kelvin Party Buses, and the Wil the Photographer party buses.

Anyway, I know you're thinking . . . why is the party bus such a hot topic? Well, because of the possibility of Over 21+ (Non-Wellness) participants getting terminated for alcohol. This can create some heated debates on the DCP related threads, post, and groups. 

The party buses allow 18+ party-goers to load the bus, and this is where the problem begins. You will see in some ads posted on Facebook, "free shots on bus", "bottles on buses for 21+", "discount drinks on bus" or some variation of free + alcohol. 

Now, again . . . How would you get termed for being on a party bus (a business), you're over 21, your not misrepresenting Disney, not being disrespectful to security or harassing people. 

Well, you can thank the underage drinkers for this nonsense. According to newer alumni (2012-2013 CPs), a person over 21 can be termed for being in the presence of underage drinkers, even IF, they do not know the individual(s) . . . someone on the FB groups, basically said it was Facilitation ( . . . of alcohol or drugs to a minor). 

Even though, you didn't provide the liquor, do not know the underage drinkers, or associate with them in any way. 

When they mention the above, the discussions becomes even more intense. Because it doesn't make sense to "normal" people. LOL!

To me, this has to be a DCP thing more than a Florida law thing. I believe, outside of Disney, the bus owner/operator would be charged or held responsible not the patrons/customers. The bus owner/operator maybe considered the Host (in the eyes of the law) , thus they take the fall for the charges. It's not the responsibility of the bus patrons to wonder who is or isn't underage drinkers.

So, you can see why this debate is such a hot topic. The newer alumni will claim: that Disney does not care, CPs are disposable, it's in the contract (to an extent), they don't know who gave the liquor - so they blame everyone, blah, blah, and blah.

Future over 21 participants are trying make sense of this policy.

Here's a little fact, that brings the discussion to the max:

The party buses stop outside of each Disney Housing complex: Vista's is at Walgreens/Chik Fil A, Chatham/ Patterson and the Commons stops are located outside the entrance gates.

So you're not even on housing property. Although, you can be termed for misrepresenting Disney (that's in the contract) and for acting a fool. You can also thank the "at-will" (we need no reason to fire you) law for this problem.

So, if I'm over 21 and walking up to the security gate and there is another group with a drunk under 21 person, security see's their ID and terms them immediately (yes some CPs are that stupid) . . . .  I get termed too just for being there . . . . just standing behind them waiting for security to see my ID? Even though, I was cordial and of age to drink?  - A weak example but it happens. -


Talk about guilt by association. That chatter amongst DCPers is that apparently, this happens a lot at Disney during the program. Many participants innocently getting termed for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time or just at the cost of others shenanigans. 

Not, saying that it can't happen (of course it can) but think about this, like some people you may know. . .

-some Alumni may not be not telling the whole story - that's IF . . . they were even there for the actual event

-it may have happened to them personally, but they're telling you what they want you to know - 2 sides to every story

-they may be twisting a rumor or the truth to fit their story.

-they weren't there and are going off of rumors - "a co-worker told them" is a popular story source or "my room mates co-worker"

I think about this when I see a post dissing party buses. Like many things in life, you need to take it with a grain of salt. This doesn't mean disregard every opinion and story . . . . . I encourage everyone to listen to CP alumni's warnings and use their stories and experiences to help you make decision on using the party buses.

Because I do admit . . . The party buses can be sketch as hell. I've heard/read those stories and I took them all into consideration. Many say that they have seen people having sex on the buses (okay, you can't really get termed for fluffing - this happens in many nightclubs lol), people doing drugs (okay, this I believe and don't like . . . at all), underage drinkers (of course), and loud and belligerent drunks (this is typical).

Strangely though . . . The moment you mention "PARTY BUSES" on social media sites - they come rushing in with the scare tactics saying you'll get termed. I'm just like *rolls eyes* . . . enough already . . . we get it, we get it . . . tell me something I don't know . . . seriously. 

Many people on the social media sites, seem to be really immature or child like with their thoughts, like they can handle the fact that drinking, sex and other sinful things happen at Disney. This group of 2014 CPs seems more sensitive than past groups, but that's another post.

I know many of them are being helpful and that's cool. However, be wary of those that are NOT the party type/night club dancing type/drinking type that comment on this subject. I personally wouldn't want their opinion. Especially, if they've only seen the outside of the bus nor have they rode on one, but even if they did . . . it would be extremely biased because it's not their thing. LOL! 

My recommendations:

-Take the good and the bad into consideration. Sometimes, listening to others is not a good thing.

-Wait until the "Housing Meeting" to discuss the possibilities and discuss it with some security guards. The security guards see EVERYTHING!!

Yes, Disney Housing/Management is against them completely (no shit!!) . . .  could you imagine . . . the lawsuits that would follow if they said "the party buses are good option for your night off" . . . like seriously . . . do you really expect them to support the party buses.

They don't even support finding room mates on Facebook!!! This was posted on their Official Blog. LOL!

There are certain things they can't say and that's definitely one of them . . . it's for THEIR benefit - legally and financially.

-Pull your ID out sparingly. Apparently, this is how "people" know you're a CP and get your info. They can call housing anytime and report you or your group.

-After departing the party buses, separate yourself from the crazy drunks and CPs you don't know personally. The buses drop off area is outside the gates, so keep space between you and any threats.

-Use legit companies, two popular options are Wil the Photographer and Cast Kelvin Party Bus. Still be cautious, I've heard things about both of these.

-Try avoid popular nights like Wednesday (Bdubs Karaoke), Thursday (it's payday), Friday nights (day after payday). The best nights may be Monday, Tuesday and Saturday/Sunday (most CPs don't get weekends off) nights to use the party bus. This is not concrete just basing it off what I know and commons sense. CP days off are really scattered, so you can party any day of the week at all hours.

-The have many promoters so be wary of them and get your info from Official Pages and Websites.

-The Beach trips are WORTH it! These aren't as bad as the club nights because CPs have time to recover during the ride back after the drunk days/nights at the beach. ^___^ Many CPs on both sides of the fence recommend it.

-Go with CPs YOU KNOW are over 21.

-Use a taxi (split the cost) or take someone's car. The best option of course for those that have cars and spare change for a taxi.

-Take advantage of the House of Blues at Downtown Disney. Cast members over 21 get in free (under 21 must pay).

-Be careful what you post on social media sites. Remember all those CPs you added on Faceboom/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/ETC during the application season, yeah those same ones might report your page/pictures to housing for violations.

So, whatever you decided, make sure to be safe, choose the option that is best for you. Be smart!!



  1. What are options for those under 21 that still want to go out, have fun, not drink?

    1. There are many clubs in Orlando that accept Under 21 clubbers. The best option is House of Blues, Senor Frogs, Roxys and Buffalo Wild Wings (Bdubz) Wednesday night.

      You can do some Downtown Orlando clubs, but I would rather catch a taxi or go on a slow night for the party bus if you don't have a car.

      Just be careful and cautious.

      If you're not into clubs . . . there are a ton of things to do in Orlando and you would love Downtown Disney.


    Here is a video of the Party Bus: