January 19, 2017

Doing the Disney College Program with No Car!

welcome to orlando

Soooooo, I  keep getting emails and comments years after my program on this topic, sohere is my long over due new post on getting around without a car during your Disney College Program.

I've managed to do 3 Disney College Programs with no vehicle, and I still manage to get around to grocery shopping, malls, and Orlando events.

A new thing a lot of CP's are doing is purchasing an annual passes to Universal (at the Florida resident rate - talk about it later). This gives unlimited entrance to Universal and you have access to Disney Parks.

I purchased an annual pass for my program extension, and it was the best investment ever!!!!! I have no regrets spending the $180. It was well worth it. I went to Universal over 10 times with NO CAR.

I went to a very popular Korean BBQ place with no car, it took some time but was no problem. Got to Downtown Orlando, no problem. There is also a  way to get to Busch Gardens in Tampa!! Beaches? Yep! Miami? Sure! Disneyland in Cali? Yeah!

Ways to Get Around

iride orlando trolley

Itrolley - This is your best friend!!! If you wanna get away from Disney. Take the trolley that goes up and down International Drive, also know as, Idrive. Idrive is a long strip of resorts, restaurants and tourist attractions. Matter of fact, Chatham and Patterson are right off Idrive. The location of Disney housing is perfect. It was a great way to doing new things and getting away from Disney for awhile.

iride trolley map orlando flSUPER HOT TIP - Flash your Disney ID to take the trolley for .25 cents. It normally cost $2.00 per ride!! It's amazes me how many CPs don't know about this tip. It's not advertised on the website, and drivers don't say anything. I used this frequently!!!

Where's the Itrolley?  From Commons apts, you need to walk across the street to the parking garage - walk through the garage and to the Outlet.

Keep walking through the outlet, you need to come out near the Anne Taylor Loft and American Eagle store (see this map of the store outlet).

Walk to the corner and you will see a bus shelter. Take the bus on this side (the side Outlet Mall is on) to get to International Drive.

When you return from Idrive, get off at the McDonald's. Your bus stop pick and drop off is called Orlando Premium Outlets VINELAND AVE. There are two outlets,  you do not want the International Drive location.

There is also 2 lines and Red and Green. The red line is the one you want majority of the time. Visit the site for more information.

HOT TIP: At the bus shelter, there will be a board that looks similar to the picture above with the route and there will be a list of restaurants, shops, and attractions with a letter and/or number next to it to indicate where to get off. Each stop is announced on the trolley, so it's easy to find your stop.


The Premum Outlet Mall Itrolley Bus stop: You can catch the LYNX Bus 8 which takes basically the same route as the iTrolley but goes much faster and cost more. You can get off this bus and transfer to other LYNX buses if necessary.

Disney Springs LYNX Bus Stop:  This is another stop you might not have considered or heard of when getting around. The CP Bus ( Bus F) to Disney Springs, get off and walk to the entrance at the very front near Earl of Sandwich. Come out and you will see a crosswalk. Cross the street, and right on the corner is a bus shelter (can't miss it).

Also note, this info is based on the old F Bus stop (at casting) before it was Disney Springs. The new F Bus stop is over by Team Disney/ Casting (I think), so you could probably walk down the street to the bus shelter since it's on the same side of the road.

lynx central station downtown orlando

This bus will take you through Hotel Plaza Blvd, then it will turn on Apopka Vineland  and go to the corner near Olive Garden. It will turn again down Palm Parkway near Pizza Hut and continue on.

You can get to Chevy's Sweet Tomatoes, Burger King, Ale House, Goodings Grocery store (kind of expensive), Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings, IHop, Hooters, Kobe Steakhouse, Sea Dog Brewing Company, and the Video 1 Game Bar (cool place). Plus many, many more restaurants, and shops.

The bus number is 300. Bus 300 is an express bus that goes straight to downtown Orlando and will take you directly to the LYNX Central Station. This bus takes the Highway instead of taking the back roads to get you right in the heart of Downtown to the Central Station.

Once at the Central Station, you will have access to numerous bus routes. This will require more research to your destination, but can be easily done.

Bus 50 (the Magic Kingdom bus) will also stop at Disney Springs, go through Palm Parkway, but will break off towards the International Drive area.  I don't recommend taking this from MK, unless you're already there. Getting off Disney Property takes forever. Just use the CP bus to get off Disney Property.

Visit LYNX Bus website for more information on routes and updates

Shuttle Bus

For the locations that are hard to reach by public transport, a shuttle bus will be your next option. The most popular company is Mears. They are used by Disney for the Magical Express, and you might have used them to get to Vista for check-in. So this is a huge company. Super Shuttle is also very popular and use throughout the US. They will be your go to when you need a ride to the airport. It's $20 one way. Look for coupons and codes online.

Visit Mears Shuttle Website or Super Shuttle Website

Coach Bus

MegaBus  - An extra cheap way  of getting to certain Florida destinations. They have routes as cheap as $1. No Kidding!! With on board wifi, and comfortable seats.

Greyhound - I've been to the Orlando station and it's a bit far from Disney Housing. You will need a cab to get there unless you get a roommate to take you. Only take this if it's necessary. Use MegaBus instead.

Other Modes of Transportation

Flights - If your looking to travel out of state a bit  (I'll get into this later) than look into Spirit Airlines and Southwest Airlines. Spirit Airlines is consider the taxi of the airways because it's very cheap and low budget, but gets you to your destination.

Taxis - I mostly use this if I'm staying at a location that operates beyond public transportation hours, too tired to take the bus back, or need to get somewhere ASAP.

Legit Companies: Mears, Diamond Cab and Ace Metro - Others -  Taxi Cab Orlando, Atlas, Yellow Taxi

Uber/Lyft - An wonderful alternative to taxi cabs. This may be a lot cheaper than taxis. There are many codes and special offers to get free or discounted rides.

Okay, I covered the different methods of transportation available to CPs and a little about how to use them. Don't be scared to try them out.

No one really bothers you, go with a friend if you need to, be alert and play it safe.

Keep some dollar bills and coins on you because you will need exact fair. Many cabs have credit card machines. Shuttles and coach buses require research and advanced bookings.

Routes to Specific Destinations

Getting to Universal/ Sea world/ Aquatica and International Drive

Okay to get to Seaworld and Aquatica (the water park) - Simply take the Itrolley and get off the bus at the designated stop. You honestly can't miss it!! Oh, Seaworld and Aquatica are 2 different stops on the Red Line. Aquatica is first then Seaworld.

Now Universal will take some walking - about 7-10 minutes. It's not bad, a little tiring after a full day of coasters but it can be done.

You will need to take the Itrolley from the Outlet mall near housing. You will need the Red Line to get there. Your stop is about 20-30 minutes away (quit whining it only cost 25 cents).

If taking the Red Line you will get off at Stop 6 - Wet N Wild. This will drop you off in front of the Wet N Wild water park entrance. Once you get off, walk to the corner and cross the small street first. Then cross the busy street which is International Drive. This puts you on the correct side of the road.

As you walk, you will cross a bridge then there will be a crosswalk near a pond with cars coming off the highway. Be careful here!  You will then pass a parking garage, keep walking straight until you see a staircase to your right. Walk up the steps and you will be coming upon the entrance.

If you mistakenly get on the Green Line the stop is G5.

HOT TIP: You can view this entire walk through Google Maps street view.

Getting Downtown Orlando

Take the 300 bus from Disney Springs or catch the Lynx Bus 8 at the Premium Outlet Mall. Use the 300 as an express bus to the central station which is in the heart of Downtown.

The number 8 (similar route as the trolley) goes through International Drive but eventually ends up at the station.

Bus 300 is a better option, but this will require you to take the CP - F Bus to Disney Springs first.

Getting to Busch Gardens

Remember the Mears Shuttle  I mentioned earlier, well they run a FREE bus to Busch Gardens. You must have a Busch Gardens ticket to ride for free. If you don't have a Busch Gardens ticket, it will be $10.

SUPER HOT TIP - It now picks up at Chatham and Vista. You could also get picked up at the Publix across from the Outlet Mall.

Info from the website:
  • Shuttle is FREE with any paid Busch Gardens ticket.
  • Passengers are responsible for transportation to and from the designated pickup and dropoff locations in and around the Orlando area. Mears Taxi services are available at a minimal charge by calling (407) 422-2222.
  • Arrival time at Busch Gardens is subject to change: could be as late as 11:30 a.m.
  • Departure time from Busch Gardens depends on park closing time. Please call the number below for exact departure time.
  • # of stops for each shuttle are not determined until day of trip. Your shuttle could potentially have a maximum of 3 stops on the route.
  • For additional information please call 1-800-221-1339.
Call first for the most up to date info, and then proceed with booking.

Click here to reserve your pick up

Getting to Miami,FL

Okay, I mention the Bus 300 Express Route earlier, well you will need that bus in order to get the MegaBus. The MegaBus location is down the street from the Central Station. If you inform the driver, they will let you off at the MegaBus stop.

Once a the MegaBus stop, you will line up, wait for the bus to arrive. Once it arrives, the driver will check you ticket. You sit where you want, get comfortable and then enjoy the ride to Miami.

Note: This bus doesn't stop in South Beach. It stops Downtown and at the Airport. However, it cost about $15 via cab to get the South Beach. Some hotels and hostels offer a free shuttle from the airport. There's also a cheap bus at the airport that will take you straight to South Beach for a dollar or two.

One more note on getting out of the Disney bubble:

Disney Housing Events - Okay, when you get those housing newsletters make sure you read them because you could be missing out on some great day trips to other Florida cities and beaches. Sometimes they are free!!!! I've done quite a few trips and they have been awesome.

Disneyland - CA - Your ID can get you into Disneyland as well, and yes I've done this on a CP trip. Unless things have changed your ID is your ticket. I booked a trip to Los Angeles during my first CP, we used Spirit Airlines and it was super cheap under $200 or so round trip to get to there. Could more or less for the flight. I also took that time to visit Universal Hollywood. Good times.

Using a Taxi Cab - Okay for those Fall CPs out there that go to Halloween Horror Nights. You can take the trolley to Universal. Getting back might be a problem since the routes stop running early on weekends specifically. Just take a cab and split the cost with friends. For me and my friend to Chatham was $25. It was worth it since it was so late.

Use Uber/Lyft - to hit up Orlando festivals and concert. Orlando has some awesome festival that are worth visiting.

June 16, 2016

Disney College Program Discounts & Perks

Disney College Program Discounts and Perks

UPDATE AS OF Feb 25, 2016 -  This page has become so popular! It's time for a HUGE update. Anything with the "NEW->" next to it, is apart of the 2016 Update! So please read about these new perks and discounts.

Many of the Downtown Disney Discounts will be no good because DTD is now Disney Springs and it's going through A LOT of changes.

All ON PROPERTY Discount have been updated. OFF Propety Discounts HAVE NOT been updated yet!

Typos will be fixed later.

END OF UPDATE - Thanks!!

There are many discounts and perks available to cast members. Discounts in everything from car care to dining. Not only do college program cast members get the discounts of regular cast member, but there are some goodies and perks available to college participants only.

I'll start with on-property and off-property discounts for Disney College Program cast members. Moving on to the Cast Only shops and warehouses. Finishing off withe DCP only perks.


20% off Merchandise - Cast Members receive a 20 percent discount on most merchandise at the Walt Disney World Resort with a 10 percent discount on items such as videos and DVDs.

Seasonal discounts may also apply. For example, the Holiday Discount (40%) extends into mid-February 2014.

NEW-> Speaking of Holiday Discount . . . PLEASE FALL CPs, take advantage of that discount. Wait until Late Oct/ Nov to purchase Merchandise, this will save you a ton. Unless you want specific items that temporary or even themed items like Food & Wine, save your coins. SPRING CPs come with cash because the 40% off ends in Mid-Feb. You can take advantage of this discount until Mid-Late Feb. Purchase your goods when you arrive.

NEW--> Did you know you can get a heavy discount on luxury perfumes and cosmetics by using the holiday discount to shop in the Guarlain at La Signature in the France Pavilion. The 40% holiday discount applies to this store!! They sell Dior perfumes (my favorite!) and other high end brands. It's not overpriced, it's the same as department stores, believe me I asked.

Some more merchandise discount:
  • Many Operating Participants, for example, several Downtown Disney (DTD) Area stores, offer a Cast Member discount. Most are 15% Off.
    • Arribas Brothers
    • Basin in DTD
    • Cirque du Soeil Store
    • Curl at DTD
    • LEGO Store at DTD
    • Pop Gallery at DTD
    • Fuego at DTD
    • Harley Davidson at DTD
    • Hoypoloi at DTD
    • Something Silver (NEW)
    • Little MissMatched (NEW)
    • Rubio Artist
    • Sosa Cigars 
    • and many more!
  • Locations in EPCOT
    • Mitsukoshi Store at EPCOT
    • Tea Caddy at EPCOT
    • Givenchy Boutique at EPCOT
    • Guerlain at La Signature at EPCOT
    • Karamell Kuche at EPCOT
  • Others: Basin White at The Grand Floridan, DisneyStore.com
NEW -> Of course, many merchandise locations within the parks give a discount such The Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Mouse Gears in Epcot, etc.

NEW--> Arribas Brothers is a store many CPs look at but don't take advantage of  . . . *sigh*. You know the fancy store with all the crystal embellished Disney items in the Mexico Pavilion, Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom . . . yeah that's Arribas Brothers and you get 20% percent off. They sell beautiful princess tiaras (I do mean beautiful) for like $15 - 20, so do check it out. Oh and please look around the Magic Kingdom location, it's tucked away in the back -- a real hidden gem, it's like a museum. Totally gorgeous!! I discovered around the end of my program.

NEW -> Did you know that you get a merchandise discount on certain foods? For example, Sweet Spells on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood Studios will give you a discount of the their sweets such as, the infamous Candy Apples, Rice Krispies, Chocolate covered strawberries, cotton candy etc. Big Top Souenirs in Magic Kingdom Fantasyland also gives a discount on sweets and treats such as lemonade, cotton candy, candy apples, strawberries, mickey macaroons,etc.  There maybe locations in DAK and Epcot (Possibly Karamell Kuche in Epcot). It's mainly places that dub as a merch/sweet shop location.

20% off Dining & Food - Limited to table service (see image below), resort quick service dining (all resorts), Animal Kingdom (Flame Tree BBQ, Pizzafari, Restaurantsaurus, and Tusker House).

Many Downtown Disney Area restaurants, offer a Cast Member discount - Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood (20% off) - I think this is a goner, House of Blues (free clubs entry and food discount), Joffery's Coffee & Tea (20% off) and more.

NEW-> Not much has changed, as far as the restaurants are concerned, and the discount amount is the same. However, I urge you to watch out for BLACK OUT DATES on dining. I got messed up 2 times because of this in the FALL.

NEW--> A huge tip: Disney uses the same supplier for a lot of their food. That means the burgers, fries, hot dogs, etc. are the same at the parks QSFB and resort QSFB locations. However, the difference is you get a DISCOUNT in ALL RESORT QSFB. So if you're on a binge to try as many unique Disney QSFB foods, have a look at the resorts. Resort dining is a lot of fun, they have so many options. I highly recommend POP Century's, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Art of Animation and the All Star Resorts quick service food courts for trying out foods.

NEW--> 50's Primetime and Sci-Fi are must do. Avoid Mama Melrose's - it so basic, it's ridiculous. I ate there with a huge group and well all agreed it was so plain. If you want great Italian - dine in the Epcot Pavilion.

wdw college program dining discounts
Source: Found in the Facebook group.

The image above is every restaurant on property where we receive a discount. Some of the places in the World Showcase are privately owned (Tokyo Dining, Marrekesh), so you will need to ask if their is a discount read my update below. I've heard Tokyo Dining will offer a discounts. Remember: It doesn't hurt to ask if a cast discount is available.



  • Marrekesh 
  • Teppan Edo 
  • Tokyo Dining 
  • San Angel Inn 
  • Via Napoli
  • Tutto Italia
  • Chefs De France
  • Nine Dragons


  • TREX
  • Raglan Road
  • Rainforest
  • House of Blues
  • Paradiso 37
  • Portabello
  • Splitsville
  • Wolfgang Puck Cafe 
  • Wolfgang Puck Express
  • Fulton's Crab House
  • Ghiradelli
  • Bongos - May be closing??
  • Cookes of Dublin

Earl of Sandwich is 10%OFF


  • Animal Kingdom's Yak & Yeti Resturant (NOT THE QUICK SERVICE) - 20% OFF & MERCH
  • Boardwalk's Big River Grille - 20% OFF
  • Coronado Springs - Springs Food - 20% Off
  • Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom - 20% OFF FOOD & MERCH

NEW --> Some downtown Disney restaurants offer discount on their Merchandise. Paradiso 37. House of Blues, Bongos Earl of Sandwich Cookes of Dublin, TREX, Raglan Road and Rainforest Cafe all offer a discount of merchandise to cast members.

Seasonal discounts on food are available see the picture below to see the discount doubled to 40% on table service locations across property.

NEW--> Again, if you're going to dine out. Please take advantage of the 40% Cast Dining because it will save you some serious cash. I learned from another CP, that Grand Floridian Cafe is not to be missed and you can eat there on the cheap with this 40% discount. This list changes of restaurants usually never changes, just the dates but still be on the lookout.

NEW--> OKAY, please do yourself a favor and eat at Whispering Canyon, it's a wonderful experience and so much fun. Not to mention Wilderness Lodge is so beautiful. Sanaa's and Jiko's are a must do, and I've heard this from many CP's. Artist Pointe is top of the line according to guest, and ESPN Club is a lot of fun with great food and apparently they TV's in the bathroom stalls. HA!

wdw cast member dining discounts
Source: Found this in the Facebook group.

NEW --> Kouzzina's by Cat Cora's is closed and has been replaced with another restaurant. I can't remember the name (bleh).

Disney Dining Plan Discounts

Discounts for Disney Dining Plan are released throughout the year. The Weekly DCP Newsletter will notify you via email when the discount is available for Cast Members. You can also access the HUB and see if there are any discounts available. Also calling the Reps on Disney Reservation Hotline will help in finding out if the discount is available.

It's usually 15% off the price, but can be higher . . . possibly up to 50% off. I've seen $35.00-40.00 after the discount is applied to your plan.

Resort Discounts

50% off Cast Members - The Cast Member must be staying in the room to receive this discount.
40% off Friends & Family - You DO NOT need the Cast Member to stay with you when using this discounts.

Seasonal Discounts - The room discount can jump up to 60% off rates during the Christmas Holidays.

NEW--> Here's a good rule of thumb, if the hotel rooms are heavily discount like over 50% then the dining plan will most definitely be discounted. Having a Dining Plan is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it.

For 3 adults, we pay 100 per person for 3 days.

We totaled all of our dining and it would've been $600+ for all 3 of us for 3 days. We ate at Teppan Edo, Le Chefs de France, Katsura Grill, Hollywood Brown Derby, Backlot Express, and Be Our Guest - Lunch. We also got snacks!!

NEW--> Please, please, please call the Disney Cast Reservation line, to get the optimal discount of dining and hotel. Also, you may need to speak with more than one cast member to achieve certain results, I experienced this first hand with my booking. Also when I booked for dining, I was given a discount during a peak season (beginning of MAY).


  • AMC Theatres at Downtown Disney - $1 Off matinee, $3 off adult evening, $4 off shows after 11 pm - TUESDAYS shows are $4 off evening tickets all day
  • AMC DineIn Theatres - $2 Off Adult matinee, $4 Off adult evening, $5 off shows after 11pm
  • Jellyrolls at Disney Boardwalk - You get FREE ENTRY & Free POPCORN
  • House of Blues Club Downtown Disney - No more Service Sunday's
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience - 50% off for Cast Members - This will be gone soon to make room for parking! :(
  • Characters in Flight Downtown Disney - $15 for Adults - $10 for Kids - 20% off Merch
  • plenty more . . . 
NEW --> About AMC Dine IN Theatre - You do not get a discount on the food here, just tickets, and even the employees don't even get a discount (yes an employee told me this). It was a cool experience with pretty good food but pricey.

NEW --> Jellyrolls is SOOO worth it, yall!! DO IT! It's free entry for cast members - MUST BE 21!! Get a large red 16-18 ounce solo cup of Sex on The Beach (i think that's name- pretty sure though) for $7 and there's FREE Popcorn ALL NIGHT (help yourself). Plenty of seating. It's free to request songs, but peple give $1 to hear there favorite songs. It's so lively and fun!! This a CHEAP Activity for CPs. If you don't drink, it's a completely free activity - you can get in free and eat free popcorn all night while hearing your favorite jams.


  • Splitsville at DTD - Great discount offered throughout the year - I believe we paid $10 for an hour - this is cheap for Downtown Disney
  • Tri-Circle D Ranch at Fort Wilderness - Around $23 for 1 -1.5 Hours for Cast Members (there's set times 1 and 2:30pm ONLY) or just look at horses - so pretty 2 Hour 
  • WDW Mini Golf - 50 Off Around $7-8 per course (There are at 2 - Fntastia -- 2 Winter/Summer) for Cast Members 
  • Sammy Duvall Water Sports at Contemporary - $20 to drive a boat for 1 Hour in Seven Seas Lagoon - 30% off wake board, tubing, water ski, and parasail. 10% Off all Year on personal watercraft rentals
  • Wilderness Back Trail Adventure - 2 Hour scenic tour on a segway - 45+tax for cast members
  • WDW Golf - Fun, There is a discount - do this with a min. of 4 people or get a randomly placed with another couple (this can turn out bad)
  • WDW Guided Bass Fishing - It's $170  plus tax for an excusrion
NEW :: PLEASE READ --> OMG Please take the time during your program to visit the Contemporary to participate in their water sport activities. It is DIRT CHEAP for cast members.

Me and my friend paid $20 to DRIVE a boat through the Seven Seas Lagoon. This is the water surrounding MK Resorts which is Contemp, Wilderness, Fort, Poly, & Grand.

We also went in front of MK where the Ferry Boat docks are, that is an amazing photo op! We could go anywhere!!! We also caught a glimpses of the abandoned Disney water park and the abandoned Discover Island.

This was in  an 1 hour, you can drop your boat off at any MK Resort with a dock! Do note that one of you (it's a 2 person boat) needs a license. They also have jet skis and other fun things like tubing and parasailing ALL FOR A DISCOUNT!!! Don't let the prices discourage you, DO IT!!

NEW--> ALSO Go Horesback riding for 1 - 1.5 hour at Tri-Circle D Ranch for just $20. IT'S WORTH IT! Sorry for all the caps! But these are Disney Hidden Gems, that many CPs don't visit. The horses are beautiful and it's a ton of fun. Great for a beginner and even experienced riders will appreciate the experience. You must call to reserve through the Rec Line and then pay once you get there.

NEW--> DO the Mini Golf Courses! It's like $7-8 for cast members. I had the best night of my life Mini Golfing at the Fantasia course, in the rain with music and you can hear Fantasmic. It was so much fun!! I also went to the Summer/Winter Course and it was a great way to start our day before we headed to Blizzard Beach (they're right next to each other - you can Talk). Mini-Golf is a great late night activity because the course close at 11PM!!! However, be mindful of the Tran-stars schedule. I recommend Fantasia Gardens for late nights and Winter for day trips.

Note: I do have photos of all this and will post them up.

Other Entertainment

  • Disney Quest - About $20.00 for cast members.
  • Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon -  After free promotions, it's 50% off during the season.
NEW--> They're getting rid of Disney Quest Mid-2016! Please, please go before it closes!!!! If you've never been before, go! You will feel like a real kid. I loved it the first time I went, and went 4 times during my program. It was $20.00 for cast members. This is a great place to go ALONE because there are so many games and so much to do. Experience it!!

NEW--> Okay, let me just say I LOVE TYPHOON LAGOON. I lived in that park on my day off. SPRING CPs it's FREE ENTRY , usually between Jan-March and FALL CPs it's usually FREE Sep-Nov. There will definitely be FREE Entries - just got to know when. Blizzard is also free entry, it's fantastic if you LOVE slides, but the lazy river is only 3 FT!! BOO!

NEW---->>> Walt Disney World Tours

Disney offers guided tours through the parks and around the property. Cast Member's can attend the tour for a huge discount. Check out some of the tours and pricing.

Magic Kingdom Tours

  • Backstage Magic Tour - 7.5 Hours - 35% off for cast - regular price is $249+ so about $162+tax for cast members
  • Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour - 4-5 Hours 50% off for cast - regular price $79+tax so $39.50+tax for cast
  • The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour - 3 Hours 50% Off for cast - regular price $55+tax - so $27.50+ tax for cast
  • Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour - 2.5-3 Hours - 50% Off for cast - regular price $30 - so $15+ tax for cast

There's also . . . a 2 hour Disney Family Magic tour for children. It's 50% off - 34 regular price.

Epcot Tours

  • Dolphins in Depth - Runs Tues - Thurs - 50% Off for cast - regular price $199+tax - so $99 for cast members
  • Epcot Dive Quest -  Runs Tues - Sat - Must be dive certified - 50% off for cast - regular price $175 - so  $87.50+tax for cast 
  • Epcot Seas Aqua Tour - Runs Tues - Sat - 50% Off - regular price $140 - so $70 for cast members

There's also . . . . Yuletide Fantasy (2.5 hours duing holidays only 84 reg price - 35% for cast), Behind the Seeds ( 1 hour tour 50% off for cast 20 for adults), and Undiscovered Future World (4 Hr - reg price 49 - 50% off for cast).

Animal Kingdom Tours

  • Wild Africa Trek - 3 Hour Tour ( Highly Recommended by other CPs!!) 50% off for cast - regular price $189 - so $for cast - must book 2 weeks ahead - meal included
  • Backstage Safari - Possibly 1-2.5 Hours - 50% off for cast - regular price $72 - so 36+tax for cast

NEW ----> Spa, Fitness & Salon Specials 

Spas - Receive at 20% Discount on Select Services

  • Disney's Grand Floridian - Cast discount for services that are 50 minutes or greater.
  • Disney's Saratoga Springs  -Cast discount for services that are 50 minutes or greater.

Fitness Centers - Receive at 20% Discount on Select Services

  • DAK Lodge - Zahanati Massage & Fitness
  • Coronado Springs - La Vide Massage & Fitness Center
  • The Villas at Wilderness Lodge - Sturdy Branches Massage & Fitness Center
  • Yatch & Beach - Ship Shape Massage & Fitness Center
  • Contemporary - Olympiad Massage & Fitness Center

Salon  - Receive at 20% Discount on Select Services and Merchandise

  • Grand Floridian - Ivy Trellis Salon
  • Yacht & Beach - Ship Shape Salon
  • Coronado Springs - Casa de Belleza Salon

Special Occassion

  • Disney Floral & Gifts - offers 10% for cast members
  • Fairytale Weddings - Offers special pricing and discounts
  • Disney Honemoon Registry - Offers complimentary service to couples planning a Disney honeymoon - help with registry setup, planning and information.

NEW-->Misc. Discounts

Pets - Best Friends Pet Car - Offers 20% off for cast members for boarding, day care, and camp / 20% off merchandise / 10% off grooming services

Hess Gas Stations - 10% Off Prepare foods, coffees, and coke freestyle machines for Magic Kingdom, DTD, and Boardwalk locations ONLY. $2 Carwash at Boardwalk Location.

Disney Cruise Line - Offers discounts 40-60% off cruises. You must look under the HUB under the "the Cast" tab. There's also a number to call for booking. It's hard for CPs to take advantage of this because of scheduling and getting days off. Many of these cruises are still in the thousand dollar price range but some can be $250-350, but you must book it immediately.

Adventures by Disney - This Disney's international tour company for places in Asia, Europe and beyond. There are discount located on the HUB for these experiences. I've seen trips for under $1500 for a week!

AAA Car Care Center - This outside Magic Kingdom - Cast Members receive a 10% discount on all services and tires. Free towing and shuttle services for cast members!

NEW-->WDW Cast Salons

These are salons for cast members ONLY! Each is located in Epcot and Magic Kingdom only. Walk-ins are welcome! They are Magic Kingdom Kutters and Epcot Hairport International - here is the price break down:

Magic Kingdom Kutters & Epcot Hairport International Price

Shampoo & Blow Dry $15
Shampoo, Cut & Style $24+
Bang Trim $5

Shampoo & Blow Dry $15
Shampoo, Cut & Style $20+
Mustache & Beard Trim $5

Waxing Eyebrows, Face, Lips or Chin $10
Waxing Full Face $25

Loyal Client Rewards - After the 8th haircut, the 9th is free!


Source: DCP App on Google Play

  • AUTO
    • AAA Car Care at Disney World
    • AAA SOuth
    • Don Auto Service
    • Tropical Ford
    • Tuffy Auto Service Center
    • and more . . . . .

    • Envy Hair Salon
    • The Nail Place
    • Paris Hair & Nail Salon
    • Cast Salons
    • I Love Nails & Day Spa
    • Disney Resort Spa Locations

    • American Tourister Luggae
    • Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlets
    • Rayovac
    • Ron Jon Surf Shop
    • The Premium Outlets - Vineland Ave.
    • Wyland Galleries of Florida
    • The Florida Mall
    • and more . . . .

    • Benihana
    • CiCi's Pizza
    • IHOP
    • Pizza Hut
    • Subway
    • Citrus Garden Vineland Ave
    • Fat Tuesday
    • Chik-fil-A
    • Wendy's
    • Sweet Tomatoes
    • TGI Friday's
    • Sea Dog Brewing Company
    • Panera Bread on Vineland Ave.
    • and many more . . . .

    • Buena Vista Suites
    • Doubletree Beach Resort Tampa Bat
    • NYC-JC Suites
    • Orlando Vista Hotel
    • USAHotels.com
    • and more . . . .

    • AT&T
    • Apple
    • Sprint
    • Tmobile
    • and more . . . .

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Cast Only Shops & Warehouses

From the Disney College Program Guidebook:

Cast Members enjoy a large variety of discounts. A complete listing can be found on The Hub on the Cast tab. Special discounts also are listed in Eyes & Ears. The following are just a sample of the services and offerings.

Company D

There are six Company D locations at the Walt Disney World Resort, and all offer a wide variety of products, personal services and Cast-exclusive merchandise. Remember, a valid Walt Disney World ID is required for all transactions at Company D.

Discount tickets

• Tickets for area attractions such as SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, are available for Cast Members at reduced prices. Tickets can be purchased at Company D.

You get 10% off WDW regular tickets prices, that's if you run out of Main Gates.

• Discounted movie tickets are available at Company D for AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas.

Tickets to sporting events may also available during various times of the year. Visit The Hub>>Cast tab to see current offerings.

Walt Disney World Resort experiences

• Discounts on admission to DisneyQuest ® Indoor Interactive Theme Park

• Discounts on miniature golf at Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course and Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course

• Discounted La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil ® tickets are made available 30 minutes prior to each show, if available

Property Control

Property Control is a division of the Walt Disney World Finance department. Here, items that are no longer used on property are sold, reissued or recycled. Cast Members with a valid Walt Disney World Cast ID have the opportunity to purchase these items at low prices.

Items include computer components, office furniture, lawn furniture, mattresses, holiday decorations, home furnishing, television sets, clock radios and plants.

 (*Items are not always guaranteed in stock. Stock may differ daily.)

Property Control is located adjacent to the Magic Kingdom Cast Member parking lot across from the Disney University.

Merchandise Liquidation

The Merchandise Liquidation division handles the markdown phase of discontinued merchandise.

Guests enjoy great deals on character merchandise like adult and children apparel, stationary, toys, seasonal merchandise, plush, houseware items, pins, jewelry, hats and accessories. (Items are not
always guaranteed in stock.)

Items can be reduced up to 70 percent off the original retail price. Cast Members with a valid Walt Disney World Cast ID receive 10 percent off the already low prices. Liquidation Operations consists of several
locations throughout the state of Florida. Locations include:

Cast Connection adjacent to the Magic Kingdom Cast parking lot - This is the best location!!!

For the convenience of our Walt Disney World Cast, Merchandise Liquidation operates Disney’s Cast Connection at Property Control which gives Cast Members these same great deals inside Building 1. Cast Members may also shop inside Building 2 where less-than-perfect merchandise is sold at low prices. The location also offers a variety of grocery items for Cast Members to purchase at very affordable prices.

• Cast Connection is located adjacent to the Magic Kingdom Cast Member parking lot across from the Disney University.

Other Locations

• Disney’s Character Warehouse at the Orlando Premium Outlet Mall on International Drive
• Disney’s Character Warehouse at Premium Outlet Mall on Vineland Ave.

Special Events & Offers

Special events such as craft fairs, discounted jewelry sales, book fairs and more are held across property.

Travel – Cast Activities occasionally offers special trips, such as outings to football games in Tampa, museums in Fort Lauderdale, and even trips to Disney theme parks outside of the United States.

Instructional programs – Classes may include American Sign Language, guitar lessons, scuba classes, Weight Watchers, and karate and yoga classes.

Sports – Join league competition in softball, volleyball, basketball, golf and more.

Special event tickets – We know we’re not the only show in town. Company D often sells discounted tickets to events such as the Orlando Broadway Series, Disney on Ice, Atlanta Braves Spring Training games and

There are also discounts on Disney Interactive Tours. There are Cast Clubs - Like Theatre, Radio, etc.

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Disney College Program Perks

Disney Housing Events - Pool Parties, Welcome Events, Asian Market Trips, Festivals, Contest, Talent Shows, Grocery Bingo, Cool Bean Cafe and more.

Alumni Speaker Series - Meet current leaders in different parts of management across property who began their careers in the Disney College Program. All majors are welcome. Register will be posted in the DCP Newsletter.

Free Items - Free items such a reusable bags, water bottles, laundry bags and more just for DCPers.

Volunteer Opportunities - Two days a week, Program Cast Members are invited to travel to the Give Kids the World Village to lead activities with the children and families vacationing there. Travel provided. 

You can also work events like Spring Fling for cast member or be a Sports Enthusiast at marathons.

Disney Career Courses - My Disney Career Series classes are offered to Disney College and International College participants throughout the semester. These classes are designed to help students prepare for the business world.

Examples Classes: Acing the Interview / Image ExcellenceResume Writing Basics/ Networking 101/ Personal Branding/ Advanced Resume Writing 

Our Own TV Channel - "Housing the Magic" is tv channel with latest information on special events, discounts, opportunities, housing notifications, and emergency information.

Surveys - All programs participants are welcome to attend the “Food for Thought Friday”, which will be held once a month at clubroom Thirteen501 at Vista Way. Cast Members can share their opinions and concerns about their program, have their questions answered, meet new friends, and enjoy light refreshments. 

You may also receive a survey about your experience with check-in, the application process and more.

Notifications - You receive notifications in your email about professional internships application deadlines,  maintenance notices, upcoming inspections, extensions information, and much more.

Contest - Giveaways and more freebies offered by housing by answering trivia questions and playing games.

Note: Screenshots are taken from 2008  Disney College Program emails. They are not up-to-date and merely provide examples, ideas, and visuals on the program discounts, perks, emails, and notices.
The page should be used as an example of cast members discounts, actual perks will be posted in the HUB, The Communicator, The Incredible Discount Book, Eyes & Ears, and the Disney Internships Weekly Newsletter.

February 25, 2016

DCP Housing: 1 Bedroom VS 2-4 Bedrooms Apartment

DCP Housing: 1 Bedroom VS 2-4 Bedrooms Apartment - Chatham 1 Bedroom Building
Please note: Although my program is over, I will continue posting whatever comes to mind and uploading some old content.

I want to touch up on something that's not really brought up in a lot of DCP discussions, and that is whether to stay in a 1 Bedroom (2 people) or 2-4 Bedrooms (4-8 people).

I spent an entire year in Disney Housing. For the first half of my program, I stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham. For my extension, I stayed in a 1 Bedroom apartment also in Chatham. I've seen the inside of Vista, Patterson and Commons apartments/bedrooms. Because of all my previous experience with Disney Housing, I can give a little insight on the pros and cons of both.

January 29, 2014

Sum Up: The Second Week - Custodial Core Training & Costuming

So, to sum up "The First Week". . .

Jan 20th - Check-In/Casting
Jan 21st - My Bday/ Housing Meeting
Jan 22nd - Epcot & Magic Kingdom Resort Hopping/ Fireworks
Jan 23rd - Traditions/ Blue IDS
Jan 24th - Magic Kingdom Park
Jan 25th - Hollywood Studios/ Animal Kingdom

It was such a busy, but fun week!

So, I want to sum up "The Second Week" . . .

On Monday, I went to Epcot to explore and hang out with my new friend. That night, me and the roomies bonded by watching the Grammy awards. Hilarious!! According to my Facebook timeline, I predicted that this very moment would be the last time all of us would hand out together and I was somewhat right.  That is because Disney University Training starts the next day and training schedules will be handed out at that session.

On Tuesday, this day was really funny. I arrived to Disney University Custodial Core training. The Core Training Cast Members claim that it was not based on location, but at least 90% of us were Epcot Custodial Cast Members. LOL! The others were MK! The Core Trainers said this has never happened before! It's so strange, because these same folks that were sitting in this class with me would become some of the funnest people I've ever met. We were family before we knew it. I sat in this class for 8 hours. We of course had a break, but it was just super long. I also received my training schedule at this meeting.

I believe we also got our shoes this day for work. If you're in Custodial or QSFB you get free shoes. We got them at Magic Kingdom costuming since this is the only place to get shoes aside from the shoe truck that comes to every park.

I posted this on my Facebook timeline,

"My work schedule for Epcot is complete insanity: 8AM-3:30PM, 9AM-6PM, and 1:30-10PM for a few days then 2:15pm-10:45 for next week."

On Wednesday, we had Discovery Day at Epcot. Let me just say that this made me cry a little. It was so super special!!! The lump all roles together. You meet at Epcot Cast Services, and then head to one of the trailers to learn all about Epcot. Side note: Epcot is my favorite park! I really wanted to work, so this was special for me. I've always loved it! We went of course around the park to look around.

TRUST ME, anyone that has done Discovery Day at Epcot won't tell you what it is . . . Haha! Now that I know what it is, I don't want to tell anyone. It will ruin it, for sure!

On Thursday, I'm not sure what happened this day. I know I got my costume this day and did some other stuff like computer training, but I have no real recollection of this day.

On Friday (Jan 29th), I had my first day of training. I posted a pic of myself on Facebook in my full costume and I also posted how much I loved my World Showcase Family . . . and I still do! Haha!

On Saturday & Sunday (Feb 1st) , I pretty much continued my core training and working my schedule. This is also the start of a long and drawn out illness that I caught during my program. I was sick for an entire month (February).

This is the last week of shadowing with a trainer. Next week, I start on my own in World Showcase Custodial.

Side Note o Costumes: So, let me just inform all my future Custodial Peeps, you WILL be overwhelmed by the amount of costume pieces we have with our costume.  It's no joke. LOL! It goes beyond hat, shirt, pants, belt, socks, and shoes. We have a supply pouch, rain gear pouch, rain gear, scrapper (for gum), squeegee, walkie talkie, keys (lots of freaking keys . . . keys for days), your pan, and then your broom. Then once you put all your gear on, you will load your pouch with towels (you NEED these all the time), gloves (KEEP THESE TOO), trash bags of all sizes ( A MUST), your phone (keeping it real), snacks (keeping it even more real), and possibly a first aid kit or band-aids (you get one on check-in day).

On top of all this, we can change and accessorize our costume with different pieces everyday. For Epcot Custodial (in particular), we had 2 different hats, 2 different shirts, 2 different pants, 2 different winter coats, and 2 different types of shoes.

The reason I said Epcot, is because MK Custodial does not get the special ladies top. Some locations do not get the other hat (the straw hat) or the option of wearing shorts. The beauty of custodial is no matter which park you work at, every costuming location has YOUR COSTUME!!! You will find this super helpful . . . BELIEVE ME!!!!!! You get to keep a maximum of 5 Costumes, however you can check out more than 5 (no matter what the costume is) but you have to return in within 7 days or you will be charged. If you're charged, just return the costume and you will be refunded on your next check.

Side Note on the Job Itself: Okay so when I first got into training it was only 3-4 of us at a time. They took us to a non-busy bathroom (yes, these do exists at Disney) and we carried out our training session.

My first impression: OMFG!! I was not grossed out completely because I was a CNA prior to the program, so gross stuff is no issue to me. However, prepare to be fully grossed out. Haha! One major thing  that annoyed me was sanitation bags. You will see why!!!

Disney gives very thorough training for Custodial. I felt confident when I went onstage alone. The trainer MUST tell you how to do the time consuming way, it's their job. Of course, what you do outside of training is on you, and this is what you need to take advantage of, my friends. I'm going to keep it even more real on this, if you want to keep your bathrooms clean and close out your bathroom on time then I have a few tips for you.

A Few Custodial Tip:

1. Pre-bag your TRASH CANS - OMG, this is a big tip that every DCP Custodian will tell you. My suite mate worked DHS Custodial and we both agreed on this tip. DO IT . . . PLEASE!! Don't pre-bag more than 5 when you first start. Get to know you're location, co-workers, and managers to get a feel of what you can or can't do. This is not encouraged training wise (it's only 3 bags in training), but no one will yell at you for doing it. People actually get upset when you don't do it.

For example, I usually put 5 bags in the sanitation boxes. This helps me a whole lot because I don't have time to tie each bag when they get full frequently. I just like to pull and go. My trainer walked in wanting train someone in my bathroom and of course she did not approve. However, I did not care one bit, considering I had two other busy bathrooms to do. She didn't yell or go snitch on me, she just didn't like it.

 Oh, and this goes for Streets and Bathrooms.

2. Pre-Stock Everything - At the start of your shift you should be pre-bagging trash cans and sani-boxes. After you do this, make sure every bathroom has a full roll tissue or at least over a half. I usually take the almost empty rolls and set them in the closet. Do this for paper towels as well, and top up your hand soap. A bathroom with plenty of soap, tissue, and paper towels will keep your coordinators and managers VERY happy even if the bathroom is a mess. Trust me, you don't wanna be called on while you're on break or doing whatever for some paper towels.

3. Tag Team - Grab A Friend - You will need your fellow DCPers and Non-DCP cast members so please be nice to them if you can. I can't stress this enough. I had many of my fellow cast members that put extra trash bags in for me, because they know I would do it for them. Extra-bags means pull then go and a very short trash run for you. I've also had friends give me a heads up (via text) when managers were out checking bathrooms and trash cans.

4. Maintain a Good Rep - I know this seems obvious, but there were some CPs who were very lazy or did not do what they're suppose to at work. I always tried to give my best at work. But on the days I was not feeling it, my managers and coordinators would give me an extra break, help me out, or just not give me such a hard time. Only, because they know this is not how I usually work.

5. Break time is the Best Time - If you work in place like MK, then your break is pulled for you. This means someone dismisses you for your break. Please don't be late because you will easily gain some enemies. LOL! If you have DHS/Epcot then you take your break according to your time slip. DOn't take advantage of this freedom or at least don't get caught. -__-  If you're late taking a break, radio your coordinator.

Not bad for a first week! So basically, it consisted of training, discovering Epcot, learning how Disney wants me to cleans their stuff, and meeting awesome people.

January 25, 2014

Bucket List - DHS & DAK - Park Hopping & Character Hunting

Since obtaining my blue ID we've been non-stop going to the parks. I've already hit up Magic Kingdom, a lot of resorts (Epcot & MK resorts), and some Florida spots . . . just in the first week.

Today, me and my friend decided to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios (DHS) and Disney's Animal Kingdom (DAK) for those that don't know the lingo yet.

We hit up DAK first since it closes earlier than the rest of the parks. We had some rare and not-so-rare character viewings. This was my first character hunt during the entire program and it was a great start. Of course, we rode Everest with a very little wait time.

January 24, 2014

Bucket List: Magic Kingdom - The First Park - Sleepy Hollow

The best thing about Traditions  (aside from it being your first day of paid work) . . . BLUE IDSSSSSSS!!

That means hitting up the parks and having a jolly good time. Yep! The first park I hit up was Magic Kingdom.

I got on all my favorites, Big Thunder and Space Mountain while enjoying classics like Mickey's PhilharMagic.

I even managed to grab the best snack ever at Sleepy Hollow: The Waffle Chicken Sandwich.  Let me just say this: keep your eyes on Sleepy Hollow throughout your program. They always have some kind of exclusive drink or food. Sleepy Hollow is located in Liberty Square near the Castle and a little ways away from Haunted Mansion.

Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kingdom is heavenly. I tasted some delicious holiday and special treats from here.

This was so good!! They have one with Nutella, Strawberries and (I think ) Banana's or something. There's like 4 to choose from and this is the same place that does the best freaking funnel cakes. The specialty frozen beverages (non-alcoholic of course) are amazing!!

January 23, 2014

Disney College Program Traditions & the Disney Look

After a full day of Resort Hopping and Fireworks, I had traditions. I had morning sessions. I can't remember the exact time, but it was like a 6AM/7AM kind of early. They break traditions down into 2 sessions (one morning and one night). 

My Traditions class was approximately 5 hours long. 

Let me give a little run down:

We had to bring our programs. There are separate buses just for Traditions. I think I saved all the papers (I'll post them if possible). But, everything is laid out for you.

On the programs there is a number that separates you with where you needed to be. Once, you are separated you went up to you're class as they called your number. 

Once you're in class, you sit and sign-in (I think) and wait for class to start. 

You're given a traditions book to follow along with as well as some other materials. They give you trivia, you win some cute prizes, listen to the Traditions Cast Member stories, become inspired, watch a video that makes you cry, and gain your ears in a VERY special way. You will probably cry. I had a tear!

Side note: Something I noticed about Disney (that's kind of annoying) is that when you do a Disney event, training, or some kind of session . . . the Cast Members always talk about themselves and tell their Disney story. The talk about where their from, education/school, Disney career, and blah! So, get ready for that because while it's really fun at first it can get annoying after awhile.

Oh and one more thing, they did not really check for the Disney Look for real. Not in my session, it was pretty chill. We just walked in by the bus load and listen to the announcements being made by the Traditions Staff. So, unless you were wearing something crazy or ultra noticeable then no one said anything. For example, my glass were not AND are not really Disney Look, but no one said anything during my entire program (1 full year). I (me, myself) mentioned it to a recruiter at Casting and they (the cast members) inquired about it, then gave me some options (that I didn't do), but it was no big deal from then on. 

This was a great surprise to me because during my first program (2008) they check when you walked into the door of Disney University (where Traditions is always held). People were being sent back for everything including one of my roommates at the time. She was sent back for having open toed shoes! 

I noticed the main things they seem to be strict on is hair for male and female, tattoos, and costumes. Let me explain:

Hair (Male) - Facial hair and hair cuts was a huge issue. My managers (WSC Custodial) would give the guys razors and shaving cream at work to clean up their beads or shadows. I noticed this throughout the entire program, so fellas this is big deal. Hair cuts should look neat and presentable, follow the DCP Official guide for male hair styles and cuts.

Hair (Female) - The only big deal for females was HAIRCOLOR. I've heard some horror stories from check-in day. Of course, you cannot have fire engine red hair or ocean blue braids, it has to be a natural hair color. Keep hair highlights to a minimal or somewhat unnoticeable from your natural hair (which defeats the purpose, I know). Get to know you're managers and location to learn how flexible they are with the Disney Look. I'm pretty sure no one cared if I had highlights or did some changes in my location, but of course things can change.  Hair styles was no problem. Dreads are no problems, they just need to be neat.

Tattoos -  Find a way to covers them cause Disney is not having it . . . AT ALL. Many wore longs sleeves under their costume. Ask costuming for assistance on finding a long sleeve piece. I seen them in the custodial costuming area. It's suppose to be for the winter, but you can use it year round. Try experimenting with some tattoo blends and cover-up cosmetics.

Costume - Please wear your belt if you have one, purchase the correct color socks and get the right color shoes. Disney is super strict on this at almost every location and in every role. Belts, shoes, and socks are a big deal!!

Work Life: Custodial Epcot World Showcase

dcp wok location and housing ID

Hooray!!! So my prediction was correct! I am in Epcot. As you can see from the photo, I have World Showcase. I have Traditions on Jan 23rd, the second sessions which is at 4PM.

This information is posted on the back of the 2014 Program Guide. I also include the housing IDs. If I were under 21, it would have a yellow rectangle on it with UNDER 21 written in black bold letters.

My Weekly Schedule:

Thursday at 4PM I have Traditions. I am free Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don't ever remember having this many days off during the first week!

As for my schedule so far:

Monday is Custodial Core Training at Disney University at 8am
Tuesday is Theme Park Orientation at 8am.

UPDATE: I have my schedule somehwhere may post a picture since I'm done with DCP now.

January 22, 2014

Bucket List: Fireworks at Polynesian & Roommate Bonding

The same day (Jan 22nd) me and my suite mate went back to the apartment to do  . . . something. Haha! Somehow, my other roommates convinced us to go to Polynesian (AGAIN) and watch the fireworks. This is where a lot of people where hanging out and meeting up via Facebook and stuff like that. So, we headed for Polynesian.

We got to the Poly and started looking around (again) and decided to get some sweets before the fireworks started. Me and my suite mate decided not to get dole whips again since we've already had one earlier in the day. I settled for a mini mouse cupcake which I actually dropped in the sand.

Of course, Disney cast members save the day and gave me a replacement right in time for the fireworks.

The fireworks started and there was no sound so we made up our own "Wishes" song along with the other viewers at the beach (all DCP folks) and got along just dandy.

Bucket List: Epcot Resorts & Boardwalk

disneys boardwalk hotel  epcot hotels

Okay, so this happened 2 days into the program. Man, I was super busy. I arrived on Jan 20th, Jan 21st was my Bday, and Jan 22nd we resort hopped and watched fireworks.

Haha! Yes, I  remember now, we hit up the Polynesian and somehow in the same day ended up at the Boardwalk Resorts (Epcot Resorts).

We hit up the Boardwalk Resorts, Swan & Dolphin (which are two separate resorts), and the Yacth & Beach Club (also, two separate resorts). These are all considered Epcot Resort Hotels. This is because there is a bridge connecting all of them and you can enter Epcot from this bridge/walkway. It hard to explain without a map or whatnot. Epcot is the only resort with 2 entrances. This is key when you wanna see the Fireworks and trying to avoid a crowd or walking through Epcot.

Here's a few snaps from that day.

disneys boardwalk hotel

This a picture of a heavenly creation called Mac & Cheese bites that me and my roommate became obsessed with, they are so good. You get them from the Boardwalk stands. You will see it and smell it. Fantastic!!! No discount here so we didn't lose out on anything. Remember, we have no blue ID's yet.

disneys boardwalk hotel  mac & cheese bites

 I suppose I ordered a pull pork because it was super cheap. It was delicious and I split it with my roomie to save money.

disneys boardwalk hotel mac & cheese bites

This is the gorgeous Dolphin & Swan hotel. It's beautiful! Don't be afraid to explore it. I found a serious DCP secret spot (chill spot) by exploring this hotel. I will post this super secret in another post.

disneys dolphin and swan hotel epcot

disneys dolphin and swan hotel epcot

Bucket List: Magic Kingdom Resorts & the Wedding Pavilion

disney polynesian resort

So, I was suppose to make an individual post for each item, I completed on my bucket list. I did A LOT on bucket list (I think).

In the photo above: this is one of the walkways to other resorts or the monorail.

disney polynesian resort

Well, one of the first things I did was . . . (*drum roll*) . . . Resort Hopping. I can't remember the exact order of everything I did, but I know we did the Polynesian first.

I was very limited on money and did not want to spend what I had. I came with less than $115. My roommate was also limited on funds, so we started doing free stuff. We were in that slow phase where you don't have your Blue ID or any money, so no parks or super expensive stuff for us.

disney polynesian resort hidden mickey

 We walked around, found Hidden Mickey's, and got dole whip.

disney polynesian resort dole whip

Me chilling at the Polnesian inside the lobby before all the construction. Notice, I'm wearing a jacket. It was cool in Florida, but not freezing.

We decided to head for the Polynesian Resort, Wedding Pavilion, and then the Grand Floridian. For those that don't know. These are located right next to each other. There is path that will take you from the Polynesian to Grand, and in between is the beach where you watch wishes then the Wedding Pavilion.

These are just a few photos, I have so many!! Check out a few:

Grand Floridian

The Wedding Pavilion

Walk Way In Between Poly and Grand. Wedding Pavilion in shot,

Polynesian Pool