December 18, 2013

Fun Stuff: Creating a Disney Bucket List

This is a little guide to creating a Disney college program bucket list. I mentioned in my post on budgeting in the DCP about creating a bucket list, a list items you want to do, during your Disney College Program.

This list is taken from CMKaela. She created an ultimate bucket list with over 200+ things to do while on your program. So, we are going to use her list as a template.

How to create bucket list for the Disney College Program?

Creating A Bucket List

1. Copy/Paste the list below and use a text editor like Word, it will keep your numbering even if you delete items.

2. Read over each section and delete the items you do not want on your list. Do this for each section.

3. After deleting items from each section, you list is done!! Unless . . . .

Additional steps for budgeting . . . .

If you're trying to budget your activities or tally up how much money you would like to bring:

4.. Research each items and note the cost of each activity.

Prices can be found online, on Disney fan blogs, forums, official websites, and more. Food prices for things like Dole Whips are available online. Alcohol prices are also available online. The cost of certain merchandise can be found online at the Disney Store website.

5.. After noting each activity price, total up your amount. This will be the estimated total of how much money you'll need to do each activity during the program.

Extra Step - More Advance Planning

6.. Mark activities you can do either: alone, you + 1 person, or a group.

7.. Create a calendar and each month list activities (do the"alone" activities first) you can do per month.

Plus 1 person and group activities are harder to plan in advance but not impossible. But doing the "alone" activities on the calendar can guarantee they'll be done.

Resources & Research for Your Bucket List :

Prices for Food:

All Ears :: Menus - They have one of the most up to date menu prices across the net. No restaurant or dining location including snack carts.


Disney Food Blog :: Restaurant Guide - They offer the best reviews with photos and pricing for every single restaurant on Disney property excluding some snack/food carts.


All Ears :: Restaurant Directory - A complete directory of every restaurant, food court, and dinner show available on Disney property with reviews and tips from actual guest.


WDW Info :: Complete Menu List - This is a complete list of menus and prices. You can use this site to compare prices with other sites. They don't offer much on snack cartss, but prices are the same across property.


Disboard WDW Info :: Menu Search Tool - This forum offers a search tool for finding restaurants across property that fit what you're looking for in a meal.


Official Disney Blog :: Disney Dining - Check out their official blog to see the newest treats and foods available at Disney.


Prices for Alcohol:

Party Through the Park :: Alcohol Prices - This site is the best on the net for drink prices in MULTIPLE parks that includes Universal and Sea World.


All Ears :: Menus - In addition to the extremely accurate menu listings, they also include all drinks prices.


Orlando Informer :: How to Save Money on Drinks at Disney - The article covers some basic tips on how to save money on drinks at Disney World. Very good information.


The DCP Life :: Drink Around the World Game - This article covers the drinking around the world game - how to play, tips, articles, resources and more.


Prices for Merchandise:

Official Disney Blog :: Pre-Arrival - See items before they hit the stores. The arrival of new collections, apparel and other merchandise are announced on the official WDW blog sometimes with price ranges.

LINK: :: The Official Store - This is the absolute best place to create your merchandise wish-list and get price information.


DisneyStore Blog :: Sales & Discounts - See the latest promotions on Disney Store merchandise.


Disney Floral & Gifts :: Purchasing Gifts/Flowers at Disney - See prices on flowers, gifts sets, balloons, and other special celebration items.


Disney Parks Merchandise :: Official Site - The official source on authentic Disney merchandise such as vinylmations, pins, artwork and more.


Prices & Ideas for Orlando Activities

Viator :: Excursions & Day Trips - This site has a list of tours, events, day trips, and excursions for the Orlando area. This includes: Hot Air Balloon, Helicopter tours, Airboat, Kennedy Space Center, Gatorland, Zipline, and more. The prices for events are listed. Usually, you can go directly to the Operators site and find a cheaper prices verses buying it through the Viator site.


TripAdvisor :: Orlando Things to Do - A list of things to in Orlando ranked by real travelers and customers.

Activities - LINK:

Attractions - LINK:

Nightclubs - LINK:

Shopping - LINK:

Visit Orlando :: Activities Under $20 - A list of activities for under $20 in Orlando. There are even things you can do for just 5 bucks!


Skydive Space Center :: Skydiving - A unique experience for the brave. Can dive for $99.00 and up.


Mr. Free Stuff :: Free Things to Do - 40 Free things to do in Orlando.


Grayline Orlando :: Day Trips & Services - A lot of Cps want to see more of Orlando and take a break from Disney. However, many Cps don't have cars, so using tour services like Grayline would be amazing. It has NASCAR events, beach trips, rodeo adventures, transportation only options and more.


Disney Parks & Resorts Resources

More resources coming soon, but for now . . .

Every Ride That Has A Fast Pass
A List of WDW Resorts
A List of All WDW Dining & Snack Locations
Recreational Activities at WDW Resort

This is an copy/paste from CMKaela's list.

General stuff

  1. Be the first person on your favorite ride for the day
  2. Be the last one out of the park
  3. Disneybound with friends
  4. Do every ride in every park at least once - yes, this includes Captain EO and Carousel of Progress
  5. Do the Backstage Magic tour (THIS ONE IS INTENSE)
  6. Find hidden Mickeys and take pictures of them
  7. Go to all four parks in one day! you can make your own rules regarding what you have to do in each park
  8. Go to Rope Drop at each park at least once
  9. Go to a park by yourself!
  10. Have a day where you go to the parks and don’t go on ANY rides - just take pictures and notice details you’ve never seen before
  11. Have a “tourist day” - dress up ridiculously and go to the parks. I’m talking lanyards full of pins, Disney 2013 shirts, fanny packs, visors, crocs with socks, JORTS. go big or go home, balls to the wall
  12. Memorize the monorail spiel
  13. Pee in every bathroom on property
  14. Photobomb people ahahahahahahah
  15. Pick a comfy spot in the park and people-watch (I suggest the rocking chairs in Liberty Square)
  16. Pick one ride and see how many times you can ride it in one day (I suggest TTA)
  17. Plan and go on a scavenger hunt in the park
  18. Play hide and seek in the park
  19. Play in the parks in the rain
  20. See all the live entertainment (JAMMitors, Dapper Dans, Citizens of Main Street, DHS streetmosphere, Royal Majesty Makers, Voices of Liberty, Main Street Philharmonic, etc etc etc)
  21. See every show and parade
  22. See if you can get your family or friends from home to visit you!
  23. Start a line somewhere for no reason and see how many people follow you
  24. Stay at a park from open to close - this is a LOT harder than it sounds because you start winding down and longing for naptime around 5 so head to a nap-nap ride for a rest
  25. Take a nap on a ride (Spaceship Earth is my fav)
  26. Take a photo in front of each park’s ~landmark~
  27. Watch a custodian paint a water picture
  28. Watch Illuminations, Wishes, and Fantasmic all in one night (this might be impossible idk)

Magic Kingdom

  1. Become a Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  2. Buy a balloon on Main Street and take cheesy pics
  3. Curtsy to the princess at the fountain
  4. Dance in the Club 626 dance party
  5. Dance with your favs in Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it!
  6. Find all the hidden Pascals near Rapunzel’s Tower NO CHEATING
  7. Find PUSH the talking trash can
  8. Frontierland Hoedown!!
  9. Get a log all to yourself on Splash
  10. Get pirate-ified at Pirates League
  11. Get pixie dusted from Castle Couture or Sir Mickey’s
  12. Get the perfect spot RIGHT in front of the castle to watch Celebrate the Magic and Wishes
  13. Get your hair cut at the barber shop
  14. Go to the park super early and get a picture on empty Main Street
  15. Go to Main Street in the morning and talk to all the street performers
  16. Have a part in Enchanted Tales with Belle
  17. Have your joke read at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
  18. Learn the choreography to a parade
  19. Make a wish in the wishing well
  20. Obligatory picture with the Partners Statue
  21. Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
  22. Ride all 3 mountains (Space, Splash, Big Thunder) in one day
  23. Ride Dumbo, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder, or TTA during Wishes
  24. Ride Space Mountain with the lights on (I’m putting this on here bc everyone always wants to do it but I’m also gonna burst your bubble right now and say you probably won’t be able to unless you work on Space - not that you should want to anyway because IT IS TERRIFYING)
  25. Say goodnight to George at Pirates
  26. Sing along with Dream Along With Mickey/the parades
  27. Stay til park closing and experience the Kiss Goodnight (one of my favorite FAVORITE things in all of WDW)
  28. Take a behind the scenes tour of the park
  29. Take the ferryboat instead of the monorail
  30. Try pulling the sword from the stone in Fantasyland
  31. Watch the Flag Retreat
  32. Watch the Trolley Show
  33. Watch the Welcome Show
  34. Watch Wishes from every different land in the park


  1. Call (and answer) the phone booths in World Showcase (I don’t actually know if this is a thing anymore)
  2. DiveQuest
  3. Do the Behind the Seeds tour
  4. Get a passport from Guest Relations and visit every country at WS to get it stamped
  5. Go on the best ride in the park aka Spaceship Earth
  6. Pick a pearl in Japan
  7. Ride both green and orange sides of Mission Space
  8. Sit in the very front and middle seat on Soarin’
  9. Take a picture inside of Bruce’s mouth at The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  10. Take the Around the World Segway tour
  11. Try Beverly at Club Cool

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. Be the Rebel Spy on Star Tours
  2. Do the animation class (seriously I could spend all day here)
  3. Experience Character Palooza!!
  4. Fill an entire elevator on Tower of Terror with CPs
  5. Get picked as a volunteer for Indiana Jones Stunt Show
  6. Get the highest score you can on Toy Story Midway Mania
  7. Go on Tower of Terror during the day, night, and while it’s raining
  8. Hang out with the Streetmosphere
  9. Make your own lightsaber at Tattooine Traders
  10. Ride Tower of Terror 13 times in a row
  11. See both Fantasmic showings in the same night
  12. Sit in the very front and middle at Fantasmic
  13. Volunteer to be that person on the Backlot Tour
  14. Walk through One Man’s Dream

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  1. Become a Wilderness Explorer
  2. Check out the Backstage Safari or Wild by Design tour
  3. Dance in the Harambe Village street party in Africa!!
  4. Do the Wild Africa Trek
  5. Find that vine chick between Africa and Asia
  6. Get picked to be part of the show at Festival of the Lion King (lion section represent)
  7. Go on Kali River Rapids til you are completely soaked
  8. Go to the petting zoo at Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  9. Ride the first Kilimanjaro Safari of the day
  10. Ride Expedition Everest a bunch of times in a row

Downtown Disney

  1. Design your own shirts at Design-a-Tee
  2. Fill up a box of Mr. Potato Head parts at Once Upon a Toy
  3. Get ice cream at Ghirardelli (don’t forget to get your free chocolate square sample)
  4. Get lost in World of Disney
  5. Go bowling at Splitsville
  6. Go to DisneyQuest! I SWEAR YOU ALL BETTER DO THIS
  7. La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil
  8. Look at the beautiful artwork in Art of Disney
  9. Ride the Characters in Flight balloon
  10. See a movie at the dine-in theatre
  11. Stroll around DTD at night
  12. Visit Basin and wash your hands with the delicious smelling scrubs


  1. Archery at Fort Wilderness
  2. Campfire & singalong with Chip and Dale at Fort Wilderness
  3. Campfire at any of these resorts
  4. Check out all the decorated resorts around the holidays (check out Tom Bricker’s guide here)
  5. Explore the Boardwalk at night
  6. Get a bunch of friends together and stay at a fancy resort just for one night. this is a really fun idea to do during your last week of the program or for your birthday or something
  7. Get leis from the Polynesian
  8. Go parasailing or jet-skiing in Bay Lake
  9. Go to movie night at one of the resorts
  10. Have a spa day at Saratoga Springs or Grand Floridian
  11. Have tea at the Grand Floridian
  12. Jellyrolls dueling piano bar on the Boardwalk! (21+)
  13. Rent a boat and go around Seven Seas Lagoon or the Epcot resort area
  14. Relax in a hammock at the Poly
  15. Ride the resort monorail around all day just for kicks and giggles
  16. Spirit of Aloha show at the Poly (can you guys tell that I really like the Poly)
  17. Take a carriage ride at Fort Wilderness or Port Orleans Riverside
  18. Take a resort tour
  19. Visit every resort and take pictures
  20. Visit the Wedding Pavilion
  21. Watch the Electrical Water Pageant from the Poly
  22. Watch Wishes from the beach at the Poly (with a Dole Whip), Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian, and Top of the World Lounge in Bay Lake Tower

Other Disney places

  1. Check out ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
  2. Learn to surf at Typhoon Lagoon
  3. Play mini golf at Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland
  4. Swim with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon
  5. Take on Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach


  1. 50s Prime Time Cafe - ask for a TV table and GET A MILKSHAKE
  2. Be Our Guest - you can walk up for lunch, or else you might wanna make that dinner reservation now
  3. Cupcake crawl!
  4. Churro in Frontierland
  5. Cinderella’s Royal Table - try a walk up for breakfast or make a res
  6. Dole Whip
  7. Earl of Sandwich repeatedly
  8. Finish the Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream! with friends of course
  9. Go to a different restaurant every time you go somewhere
  10. Go to the Confectionery and gorge yourself
  11. Have lunch with an Imagineer
  12. Hidden gems like Olivia’s or Grand Floridian Cafe
  13. Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue!
  14. Hot dog at Casey’s Corner
  15. LeFou’s Brew from Gaston’s Tavern
  16. Make an early-morning dining reservation for someplace inside the park (Crystal Palace cough cough). You’ll get to enter the park early for AWESOME photo ops and a good start to your day
  17. Make a reservation early in your program or before you arrive for someplace fancy. when the day comes you can get dressed up all nice for a fun dinner!
  18. Mickey-shaped pretzel
  21. Nutella waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow
  22. OHANA
  23. Sci-Fi Drive In Theatre - ask for a car table!!
  24. Take pictures of all the delicious food you eat!
  25. Try something from every pavilion at Epcot (or drink around the world if you’re old enough)
  26. Turkey leg


  1. Devote a full day (or more) to character hunting. meet as many as you can!
  2. Do a character meal!!!!!! or challenge yourself and eat at EVERY character meal
  3. Fill an autograph book (OR….)
  4. …get the characters to sign something different! people I knew did things like a pillowcase, a tote bag, a vinylmation, or a blank canvas
  5. Meet Mickey and Minnie in as many different costumes as you can
  6. Meet your favorite characters while Disneybounding as them
  7. Take a picture with every Disney princess

Special Events

  1. Candlelight Processional (EPCOT)
  2. Celebrate your birthday! or half birthday! or unbirthday! make sure you get a button and make reservations, tell your friends to request the day off! look how much fun I’m having on my birthday in France
  3. Do the Holiday D-Lights or Yuletide Fantasy tour
  4. Dress up for Dapper Day!!!
  5. Flower & Garden Festival (March-May at EPCOT)
  6. Food & Wine Festival (September-November at EPCOT)
  7. Get into the spirit at the Christmas Shoppe at MK or DTD
  8. Go to Limited Time Magic events even though they are usually lame
  9. Go to the filming of the Christmas parade
  10. Listen to the storytellers during Holidays Around the World at EPCOT
  11. Meet a celebrity
  12. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MK)
  13. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MK)
  14. Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (DHS)
  15. Run a Disney marathon
  16. Spend New Years’ at WDW
  17. Star Wars Weekends (DHS)
  18. Universal Halloween Horror Nights
  19. Watch the MK 4th of July fireworks if you’re there - it seriously looks like it’s daytime
  20. Witness a proposal! just go stand in front of the castle on Valentine’s Day you’ll see like 50

Friend things

  1. Befriend someone in every housing complex
  2. Find someone with a gamecube/wii/other thing and spend a night playing Mario Kart (THESE WERE SERIOUSLY SOME OF THE MOST FUN NIGHTS OF MY LIFE)
  3. Get friendship bracelets with your pals or roommates from Frontierland or Harambe Village! (I got them with my poptarts)
  4. Have a Disney movie marathon
  5. Have a sleepover in your living room
  6. Host a movie/game night with your friends and roommates!
  7. Make friends with your neighbors!
  8. Meet people from other states and countries
  9. Take someone to the parks who has never been and spew off random trivia (this is also fun to do with friends who have been before and are just huge nerds)
  10. Visit your friends at work!!!!! just don’t be obnoxious

Cast Member/CP things

  1. Compete in or go to Night of Stars Talent Show
  2. CP Graduation - request the day off as soon as you find out when it is
  3. Get a GSF (remember when we talked about those here)
  4. Give GSFs to other CMs!
  5. Go to an audition for Disney Entertainment
  6. Go to Grocery Bingo
  7. Go to housing events! I’m serious these are so fun go to them!
  8. Make a magical moment for a guest!
  9. Pick up a PAC shift!
  10. Pick up shifts in all the parks
  11. Shop at Company D
  12. Shop at Property Control and Cast Connection
  13. Use your CM Discount to get TONS OF STUFF (I’m serious, once it goes up to 40% there is no turning back and you will be broke)
  14. Visit Mickey’s Retreat
  15. VoluntEAR


  1. FastPasses from every ride that has them! I did this one and it makes such a fun AND FREE souvenir. I also made a handy list for ya of all the rides that have them
  2. Maps - they changed the maps two or three times while I was there, keep the old ones for a cool souvenir. Get the special ones from holiday events too!
  3. Pin trading!! if you’re into that
  4. Pressed pennies
  5. The buttons they give out at the front of the park
  6. Vinylmations


  1. a Disney stuffed animal or pillow pet (or several…)
  2. a Duffy bear if you’re into that
  3. a pair of Mickey ears and get your name on the back (or wait and use the graduation ears they give you at the end of your program!)
  4. a pin from each park if you’re into that
  5. a shirt from each park
  6. a silhouette
  7. a souvenir cup or mug
  8. something from every resort …if you’re into that

Outside the parks

  1. Busch Gardens
  2. Check out City Walk at night
  3. Discovery Cove
  4. Explore the Orlando club scene (but be safe my dears)
  6. HARRY POTTER WORLD (yes this is a separate thing than IoA because you’ll need a whole day to take in this glory)
  7. Go to the beach! Cocoa Beach and Daytona are both about an hour and a half away and Miami is about 4 hours if you wanna take a day trip
  8. Go to Steak & Shake late at night after work at least once, it’s like a rite of passage
  9. Islands of Adventure
  10. Kennedy Space Center
  11. Legoland
  12. Party at House of Blues on Sunday nights
  13. Sea World
  14. Shop at the outlet malls across the street from the housing complexes
  15. Shop at the real mall! try Florida mall or Mall of Millenia
  16. Take a day trip to the beach and watch the sunset, then wake up to watch the sun rise
  17. Universal Studios (maybe consider getting a Universal Season Pass?)
  18. Visit Celebration, FL

Make memories

  1. Cry during Wishes (and feel no shame about it)
  2. Do a picture challenge like this one!
  3. Get a disposable camera and take pictures throughout your program. Get it developed with you go home!
  4. Have a photoshoot in the parks
  5. Keep a blog or journal about your experiences (if you have time!)
  6. Order personalized maps with all your favs highlighted
  7. Run around the parks blowing bubbles and singing Disney songs
  8. Send a postcard to your address back home from inside the park
  9. Stay in the park super late past closing and take empty park photos
  10. Take funny planned photos on rides
  11. Take literally thousands of pictures
  12. Write down all your favorite memories and put them in a jar during your program to read at the end - this is a GREAT idea and so much fun to reminisce when your program is over!


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