December 16, 2013

Grey Topics: DCP Confessions Page

Ladies and gentlemen, I present another edition of the Grey Topics. For this shady topic, I've decided to discuss the widely hated and beloved (in secret for some), Disney College Program confessions page.

In the beginning there was an page, a social page for asking any questions anonymously or vice versa, for the Spring 2014 participants to talk about their confessions on love, secrets, and nonsense. However, this page went completely left, like all the way left. Haha!

Many CPs complained about the page, of course, being completely stupid and pointless. They considered it to be very high school to create such a page. You must keep in mind, this group of CPs are very sensitive to such sinful talk. (This is just my personal observation.)

After running for about a few weeks no longer than a month, the page was suspended and closed down because someone or some folks reported the page to

But, the page is still going strong as the Admin of the Facebook Fanpage (lol yep, they have fans) has used Google Docs to allow submissions to the page. The submissions are then posted to the Facebook page for everyone to read and casually laugh at the bullshit discuss the confessions.

Speaking of the Admin or Admins of the page, it seems they have received a lot of heat from fellow participants in regards to creating the page. The Admin seems to go back and forth about what is or isn't allowed on the page.

At first, it was no last names on any confessions. Only the first letter would be used. Then it escalated to no insults and keeping it fun! When someone mentions they want to leave the program because of the confessions page the admin seems to feel bad for the participant. 

How could they let a confessions page deter them from doing the program so easily? Where is that persons backbone? Are they going to give up because someone hurt their feelings or disagrees with them?

It's time for them to grow up. During this program there will be hard work, bad days, disappointments, failures, embarrassments, haters, and more. This program not only teaches you to have a strong work ethic but how to rise above negativity and work with people from very diverse backgrounds.

However, the Admin knew very well that the page would get out of hand . . . I mean come on, nothing good will com from a confessions page, these are the same people who were already being ignorant, sensitive, childish, horny and stupid on the main DCP Spring 2014 Facebook page.

Some of the comments on the page, were extremely raw and explicit, for example: a girl confessed that her and her boyfriend would be using vibrators and would like for another girl to join them, many confessions mentions gay/lesbian sex and hookups, insults were thrown to popular people on the page, people in certain roles felt they were better than others, couples being shipped (to people being put together as a "dream" couple), a ton of confessions on how many cps are too sensitive and sheltered, much talk of drinking and smoking, hoping to find room mates who are only beautiful, talks of orgy, purposely getting people termed and much more. 

So for your laughing pleasure, I present a few of the craziest fucking anonymous confessions from the Disney Program Confessions Spring 2014 page:

If the page lives any longer and you feel the need to get a laugh in or cry at the mindset of these future cast members you may find more confessions on this page:


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