November 08, 2013

About My Disney College Program Spring 2014

disney college program role offer

This is it! My beautiful acceptance letter that I receive for the Disney College Program. There is a link in the Congratulations email that will send you to a portal where you'll see this letter in PDF styled document. It will include detailed information about your role, the program policies and basic contract information. At the bottom of this letter is an option to "accept or deny" your offer from Disney College Program.

I actually couldn't believe I was getting back into the program because I ended my last program with a lot of point but no reprimands.  I was unable to extend because I had over 5 points, but I was accepted for the Summer Alumni Program that I ultimately denied.

So, I had no idea if I was a restricted hire or not. Low and behold, the letter came to my email 5 days after my phone interview. I will admit, I was confident in my interview. All my answers were strong and I displayed good knowledge about the parks.

My top pick roles: Custodial, Character Attendant, Attractions.

When the recruiter asked me to list my role preferences, I said custodial first. Before I answered, I thought maybe I should say Character Attendant or Attractions first. But, custodial slip out. I wonder would my roles be different if I said something else first. Just thinking . . .

The pay is okay . . . better than nothing. Most roles get 7.79 but it's suppose to be raised to 7.93 because of Florida laws.


So my program is Spring Advantage for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl. My check-in date is January 20th, 2014. My roles is custodial and I requested Epcot for my preferred park. I will be flying in January 15th to stay with a friend. My preferred housing complex is "The Commons" with 5 other girls. (3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom/Washer&Dryer)



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