November 08, 2013

How to pass the Web Base Interview?

disney college program web based interview

How to pass the Disney College Program web base interview?

Web Based Interview is often shortened to WBI. Also remember that not everyone will receive a web based interview. The WBI is also a timed survey so please allow at least 45 minutes to 1 hour in a quiet space.

There is no real strategy to pass the web based interview. Some same be honest (and you should) or tell the what the want to hear.

In my opinion, both of these are correct. You should be honest but realistic.The most important is to be CONSISTENT. The answers will be asked multiple time but worded differently. Use good judgement. 

The answer options range from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. It is often debated if you should put more strongly agree answers, a few neutrals, a few strongly disagrees. You'll see this often.

I noticed the way the questions was worded in the survey, that I leaned more to the strongly agree answers. Som questions were worded strange so I'd answer neutral and some questions were obvious (to me) so I put Strongly Disagree. 

No matter what I made sure to remain consistent in my answers during the survey. I took my time and read each question thoroughly.

You'll find out if you pass immediately! Your fate awaits you on the very last page of the survey. 

Again, there's really no strategy. It's just best to use common sense and good judgement. Good Luck!



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