November 22, 2013

Countdown: 60 Days from Pre-Arrival

It's been about 10 days since I lasted posted about breaking the 70 day mark. That seems like it was a long time ago, but of course it's only been 10 days. 

According to the Disney Onboarding website, 30-60 days our from your arrival, you may receive or do the following:

30-60 Days From Arrival

Complete Course Registration
Review course information and register for classes online.

Review The Disney Look
Our appearance standards are an important part of our company's heritage. You are expected to review the full Disney Look guidelines prior to arrival. You must be fully compliant with the Disney Look guidelines when you arrive.

Start Thinking About Housing/Roommate Preferences
Incoming participants may have the opportunity to indicate preferences for apartment complex, unit size and/or roommates. Pre-registration begins approximately 10 days prior to check-in day.

Prepare for a Swim Test (Lifeguards only)
Lifeguard Cast Members are strongly encouraged to complete a practice swim test prior to arrival. The swim test consists of:
  • Swim 200 yards (183 meters) freestyle or breaststroke
  • Retrieve a 10-lb (4.5 kg) brick from the deepest section of the pool (minimum 8 feet / 2.4 meters)
  • Tread water with hands out of the water for two minutes

Your official training and certification will be handled in Florida.

Play Mission:Timekeeper
Test your Disney Heritage knowledge throughout this interactive game. Use your log-in information and password that you used for this site to launch

My arrival date is Jan 20th and so far I have registered for classes (I've been wait-listed for Disney Heritage), reviewed the Disney Look (I might need to buy new glasses), have my housing/roommate preferences (found my awesome room mates via Facebook), Prepare for swim test (I don't need a swim test  - I CANNOT swim) and Play Mission: Timekeeper ( I have not completed the somewhat boring Mission: Timekeeper game).

I might add the Timekeeper game to my Pre-arrival To Do List or bucket list since Disney Heritage is out of the question. I'm convinced it won't open up. Although, I may decline the class, so I can have my other off day and the remaining part of my day on Tuesday after Exploring Guest Services.

Oh! Some people have already received their New Hire Documents. They say it's not going by arrival dates, I disagree because . . . only Jan 8th and Jan 13th arrivals have received their paperwork. No other dates have received the new hire documents. Although, there have been some "Dashboard" problems for some Jan 20th arrival participants, I don't know if it means anything or not.

They say when your Dashboard goes from "Post Offer Stage" back to "In Progress" your papers could be on the way.

Anyway, according to this timeline Disney provided on it's website, everything is in order! Bring on the 2 month wait . . . after Thanksgiving . . . this will be a breeze . . . I hope!


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