November 22, 2013

What is the Disney Look?

the disney look

The information about the Disney Look is very straight forward on the onboarding website. They will send you emails, put in your contract, pre-arrival information, tell you in the interview about the Disney Look.

It should come as no surprise on arrival day . . . right? right?

Well . . . . uhmm *clears throat* . . . .

There are some things to consider . . . now, I can only talk from a girls point of view (sort of) about the Disney Look.

The Disney Look email

Just note:

Your Hair Color - you may be asked to dye your hair even if it's natural. But if it doesn't LOOK natural, you may be asked to change it, so be prepared for this arrival day.

Your Glasses - you have blue frames, polka dots, green stripes . . . well they may not be apart of the Disney Look. You may asked by Casting/Costuming/Your Leaders to removed them and get NEW ones . . . no joke. This happened to a few alumni and they said to just be prepared.

Tattoos - Got a role where you will be washing your hands a lot? Got a wrist or hand tattoo? Well be careful, cause it may wash off (depends on cover up used). Test out some alternatives or water proof products before arrival.

Your nails - This is easy . . . keep them short with neutral/natural colors. No bright or neon. Dark and neutral colors. Acrylic are allowed if they meet all of the Disney Look requirements such as length and color. French tips (pink/white or white/clear) are also allowed.

Facial Hair - Don't forget this . . . read the Disney Look onboarding page BEFORE arrival.

Hair Style - People with dreads - please find out what is or isn't acceptable. There is NO clear answer on if they're allowed or what is acceptable. Same with girls with braids - braids too thick (box braids) or too long may not be acceptable . . . just ask!!

Shoes - Custodial and QSFB roles will be given shoes. All other roles must find out from their Leader upon arrival.

That all I have for this . . . be prepared to change your look and style. You don't want any surprises or rude awakenings come check-in day.

You either change it or go home!

More of the Disney College Program: Disney Look email:

The Disney Look email



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