November 12, 2013

Countdown: Breaking 70 Days!!

Time is flying. I started this blog maybe 10 days ago (lost count). People arriving January 8th and 13th, must be biting their fingernails waiting for their new hire documents. The excitement has kind of started to sink in to everyone. Although, it is still surreal for most programmers.

I keep seeing stories about how many semesters and years it took for people to get back into the program. Many receiving a NLIC status (No Longer In Consideration) from past application seasons. The program is extremely competitive compared to 2008.

My friend and I literally thought to ourselves, back in 2008, you must be a fool to not be accepted into the program. It was just that easy! I'm so glad that I did a ton of research all over again on the program prior to applying. I actually didn't realize that 6 years had past since I've done my program. That almost 10 YEARS!!! Gosh, I'm old!! :(

I was slightly nervous to do my interview, even a little discourage after reading about how people were being "Pended" for weeks and "Restricted Hires" having difficult times. I had mention before that I thought I was a restricted hire because I had quite a few points on my record card. I was denied an extension into Fall 2008, however for Summer 2009, I was accepted for the Summer Alumni Program (declined it). So, I didn't know what to think.

Well here am I!! Thank goodness!!

Now,  I have found my room mates (which was a real struggle) and have begun planning things like Dapper Day (post coming soon), monorail drink crawls, arrival plans, and Disney bounding. FUN STUFF!!

The 50 day mark will be here in no time. I have a feeling after Thanksgiving passes, time will really start flying. After Christmas and New Years, the real countdown will begin. I will be 26 after that  . . . ugh!!!


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