November 09, 2013

How much are Disney College program courses?

Question: How much are Disney College Program courses?

This was recently posted in the Facebook Groups. Disney College Program course are known to sell out, so make sure your ready. Prices below are subject to change for Spring 2014. Bookmark your date and talk to your academic counselors soon.


The Spring 2013 Date: November 11, 2014 at 12:01AM EST

List of Course and Estimated Cost from June 2013:

Collegiate courses that are offered at Walt Disney World:
  • Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management ($10)
  • Human Recourse Management ($10)
  • Corporate Analysis* ($24)
  • Interactive Learning Program ($10)
  • Corporate Communications ($10)
  • Marketing You: Personal and Career Development Strategies* ($30)
  • Creativity & Innovation: Gaining the Edge ($24)
  • Organizational Leadership ($30)
  • Experiential Learning ($30)
*These are the only collegiate courses offered at the Disneyland location. 

Seminars offered at Walt Disney World:
  • Exploring Disney Heritage
  • Exploring Marketing
  • Exploring Guest Service
  • Exploring Leadership
  • Exploring Cast Engagement & Human Resources
  • Environmentality and Sustainability Pilot

Seminars offered at Disneyland:
  • Blended Learning Series
  • Leadership Speaker's Series
  • Professional Development Study: The Business of Show Business



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