January 29, 2014

Sum Up: The Second Week - Custodial Core Training & Costuming

So, to sum up "The First Week". . .

Jan 20th - Check-In/Casting
Jan 21st - My Bday/ Housing Meeting
Jan 22nd - Epcot & Magic Kingdom Resort Hopping/ Fireworks
Jan 23rd - Traditions/ Blue IDS
Jan 24th - Magic Kingdom Park
Jan 25th - Hollywood Studios/ Animal Kingdom

It was such a busy, but fun week!

So, I want to sum up "The Second Week" . . .

On Monday, I went to Epcot to explore and hang out with my new friend. That night, me and the roomies bonded by watching the Grammy awards. Hilarious!! According to my Facebook timeline, I predicted that this very moment would be the last time all of us would hand out together and I was somewhat right.  That is because Disney University Training starts the next day and training schedules will be handed out at that session.

On Tuesday, this day was really funny. I arrived to Disney University Custodial Core training. The Core Training Cast Members claim that it was not based on location, but at least 90% of us were Epcot Custodial Cast Members. LOL! The others were MK! The Core Trainers said this has never happened before! It's so strange, because these same folks that were sitting in this class with me would become some of the funnest people I've ever met. We were family before we knew it. I sat in this class for 8 hours. We of course had a break, but it was just super long. I also received my training schedule at this meeting.

I believe we also got our shoes this day for work. If you're in Custodial or QSFB you get free shoes. We got them at Magic Kingdom costuming since this is the only place to get shoes aside from the shoe truck that comes to every park.

I posted this on my Facebook timeline,

"My work schedule for Epcot is complete insanity: 8AM-3:30PM, 9AM-6PM, and 1:30-10PM for a few days then 2:15pm-10:45 for next week."

On Wednesday, we had Discovery Day at Epcot. Let me just say that this made me cry a little. It was so super special!!! The lump all roles together. You meet at Epcot Cast Services, and then head to one of the trailers to learn all about Epcot. Side note: Epcot is my favorite park! I really wanted to work, so this was special for me. I've always loved it! We went of course around the park to look around.

TRUST ME, anyone that has done Discovery Day at Epcot won't tell you what it is . . . Haha! Now that I know what it is, I don't want to tell anyone. It will ruin it, for sure!

On Thursday, I'm not sure what happened this day. I know I got my costume this day and did some other stuff like computer training, but I have no real recollection of this day.

On Friday (Jan 29th), I had my first day of training. I posted a pic of myself on Facebook in my full costume and I also posted how much I loved my World Showcase Family . . . and I still do! Haha!

On Saturday & Sunday (Feb 1st) , I pretty much continued my core training and working my schedule. This is also the start of a long and drawn out illness that I caught during my program. I was sick for an entire month (February).

This is the last week of shadowing with a trainer. Next week, I start on my own in World Showcase Custodial.

Side Note o Costumes: So, let me just inform all my future Custodial Peeps, you WILL be overwhelmed by the amount of costume pieces we have with our costume.  It's no joke. LOL! It goes beyond hat, shirt, pants, belt, socks, and shoes. We have a supply pouch, rain gear pouch, rain gear, scrapper (for gum), squeegee, walkie talkie, keys (lots of freaking keys . . . keys for days), your pan, and then your broom. Then once you put all your gear on, you will load your pouch with towels (you NEED these all the time), gloves (KEEP THESE TOO), trash bags of all sizes ( A MUST), your phone (keeping it real), snacks (keeping it even more real), and possibly a first aid kit or band-aids (you get one on check-in day).

On top of all this, we can change and accessorize our costume with different pieces everyday. For Epcot Custodial (in particular), we had 2 different hats, 2 different shirts, 2 different pants, 2 different winter coats, and 2 different types of shoes.

The reason I said Epcot, is because MK Custodial does not get the special ladies top. Some locations do not get the other hat (the straw hat) or the option of wearing shorts. The beauty of custodial is no matter which park you work at, every costuming location has YOUR COSTUME!!! You will find this super helpful . . . BELIEVE ME!!!!!! You get to keep a maximum of 5 Costumes, however you can check out more than 5 (no matter what the costume is) but you have to return in within 7 days or you will be charged. If you're charged, just return the costume and you will be refunded on your next check.

Side Note on the Job Itself: Okay so when I first got into training it was only 3-4 of us at a time. They took us to a non-busy bathroom (yes, these do exists at Disney) and we carried out our training session.

My first impression: OMFG!! I was not grossed out completely because I was a CNA prior to the program, so gross stuff is no issue to me. However, prepare to be fully grossed out. Haha! One major thing  that annoyed me was sanitation bags. You will see why!!!

Disney gives very thorough training for Custodial. I felt confident when I went onstage alone. The trainer MUST tell you how to do the time consuming way, it's their job. Of course, what you do outside of training is on you, and this is what you need to take advantage of, my friends. I'm going to keep it even more real on this, if you want to keep your bathrooms clean and close out your bathroom on time then I have a few tips for you.

A Few Custodial Tip:

1. Pre-bag your TRASH CANS - OMG, this is a big tip that every DCP Custodian will tell you. My suite mate worked DHS Custodial and we both agreed on this tip. DO IT . . . PLEASE!! Don't pre-bag more than 5 when you first start. Get to know you're location, co-workers, and managers to get a feel of what you can or can't do. This is not encouraged training wise (it's only 3 bags in training), but no one will yell at you for doing it. People actually get upset when you don't do it.

For example, I usually put 5 bags in the sanitation boxes. This helps me a whole lot because I don't have time to tie each bag when they get full frequently. I just like to pull and go. My trainer walked in wanting train someone in my bathroom and of course she did not approve. However, I did not care one bit, considering I had two other busy bathrooms to do. She didn't yell or go snitch on me, she just didn't like it.

 Oh, and this goes for Streets and Bathrooms.

2. Pre-Stock Everything - At the start of your shift you should be pre-bagging trash cans and sani-boxes. After you do this, make sure every bathroom has a full roll tissue or at least over a half. I usually take the almost empty rolls and set them in the closet. Do this for paper towels as well, and top up your hand soap. A bathroom with plenty of soap, tissue, and paper towels will keep your coordinators and managers VERY happy even if the bathroom is a mess. Trust me, you don't wanna be called on while you're on break or doing whatever for some paper towels.

3. Tag Team - Grab A Friend - You will need your fellow DCPers and Non-DCP cast members so please be nice to them if you can. I can't stress this enough. I had many of my fellow cast members that put extra trash bags in for me, because they know I would do it for them. Extra-bags means pull then go and a very short trash run for you. I've also had friends give me a heads up (via text) when managers were out checking bathrooms and trash cans.

4. Maintain a Good Rep - I know this seems obvious, but there were some CPs who were very lazy or did not do what they're suppose to at work. I always tried to give my best at work. But on the days I was not feeling it, my managers and coordinators would give me an extra break, help me out, or just not give me such a hard time. Only, because they know this is not how I usually work.

5. Break time is the Best Time - If you work in place like MK, then your break is pulled for you. This means someone dismisses you for your break. Please don't be late because you will easily gain some enemies. LOL! If you have DHS/Epcot then you take your break according to your time slip. DOn't take advantage of this freedom or at least don't get caught. -__-  If you're late taking a break, radio your coordinator.

Not bad for a first week! So basically, it consisted of training, discovering Epcot, learning how Disney wants me to cleans their stuff, and meeting awesome people.


  1. I really do love your blog! You give so much info that is usually hard to find until you are actually there. Do you think you will make more posts in the future? Also I did have a question about how much money to bring. the site says to bring a couple of weeks worth for rent. Do you regret not bringing more or was it okay with what you earned. Once again cool blog!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. Yes, I have tons more to post. I did so much stuff during my program. It will take awhile to post. I bought may $125. Of course, I WISH I would've brought more money because there is so much to do in Orlando. So, my best advice is to bring tons of money BEFORE you come so, you won't be so broke during the program.

      Bring enough to some extra activities and dine out each month. This is how I budgeted. If you have extra bills like credit card, insurances, or loans that will eat your Disney check. :( Luckily, I ONLY my cell phone bill. I cooked and MADE my own lunch at least 3/4 days of the week.

      Even though, I didn't bring a whole lot of money, but I did A LOT of fun stuff by using cast discounts, Groupon, and doing free activities.

      I think I'll make about budgeting.