November 08, 2013

Disney College Program Fees

What are the fees for the Disney College Program?

After accepting your Disney College Program offer, you will be notified that the next step in the program is to pay your program fees. Paying your program fees is apart the application process and the way to secure your  role/slot in the program. The fees pay for housing and rent for the first two weeks.

A break down of the fees:

These non-refundable fees must be paid as a single credit card payment at the time you accept your invitation to participate on the program: 
  • $100 Program Assessment fee (non-refundable)
    Helps support the events and activities scheduled in the housing complexes throughout the program
  • $200 Housing and Administration fee (non-refundable)
    Will be applied to the participant's housing costs during the first few weeks of the program.
  • Minimal processing fee ( about $4.50)

As you can see the program fees are necessary for securing your spot in the program. Paying fees is Step Two in the process. Remember you have 10 days to complete all three steps.

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  1. With regards to housing and rent fees, I understand that the payment is required as part of the process, Step Two, even if you have arranged to rent an apartment on your own. I do not understand why the $200.00 Housing and Administration fees are not refunded, when you opt out of the Disney housing, later in the process. Any ideas.