November 14, 2013

Grey Topics: About Disney College Program Facebook Groups

Disney College Program Spring/Spring Advantage Group 2014

Grey Topics: About Disney College Program Facebook Groups

This subject right here!! Note: This is my personal opinion and a rant. :)

I'm not even sure where to begin with this topic. Remember that topic about the 20 Types you'll meet during your Disney College Program (read that here). We'll there are some types you'll see on those Disney College Program Facebook Groups too. Matter of fact, that list was missing about a good 10 stereotypes. No joke!

Like right now, it's the end of the Spring 2014 application season, so people are already rushing to the Fall 2014 pages or creating new pages. Yes, right now! Wait, I think that's another one of the types, but whatever!

Wait . . . so for fun let me list a few:

 "Types of People in Disney Facebook Groups" . . .

Sensitive Suzy's & Sam's - These CPers are people that respond to post about how "you" or "others" should be more sympathetic to people who have pended, in progress, disagree with your post, or anything in general. They tell you, that you come off as rude or mean for making a statement or personal opinion. "THEY" don't like it, so "YOU" shouldn't do it. Sometimes, they argue with everyone that they disagree with or anyone that disagrees with their opinion.  Instead of just scrolling past the post like other good DCP grouper folks.

Debbie/Derrick Downers - These are the ones that will make a post that completely rains on your parade or ideas. For example, you will post: "Anyone down for swimming with dolphins" to which they'll reply "You won't have time for that" or "Where will you get the money" or "We don't get paid enough"  . . . you get it right?

Mini-Modders - They are not Moderators of the group, but act as though they are Mods. They're annoying! During heated debates or discussions, they will tell you to "calm down" or "disney is watching" . . . *rolls eyes*. You'll often see them post "I will ask the admin to delete this" or "Admin please delete this". When stating an opinion they can be confused for Sensitive Suzy's and Sam's when they say "If you're going to post things like this you should leave the group" . . . when the same could be said for them as well . . . *sigh*

Treasure Trolls - They're like you're regular internet trolls with pixie dust because it's Disney. Picking fights, posting controversial things, etc.

Party Promoters - Promoting all party buses, beach trips, club nights, karaoke bars, etc. You'll see them everywhere. They hard to avoid, as they change profiles to elude suspicious group Moderators.

Hakuna Matatas - These people will post some thing sad/depressing like "I didn't pay within the 10 days" "I've been NLIC (No Longer in Considertion), "I'm pending", "My parents are not supportive" "I don't have the program fees, I don't know if I can go" and then at the end of their tear jerking post they say  . . . . Hakuna Matata. The are actually my favorites. Staying positive!

There are also the "know-it-alls that are wrong", "the know-it-alls that are right (can be confused as Debbie/Derrick Downers), "The Termination Patrol" - telling people they get termed for every - freaking  - thing and many, many more.

That's all I could come up with at the moment. I'm missing a lot more.

The DCP Social Blogosphere

When joining the Facebook groups, tumblr world and DCP blogosphere, again you will notice that there are some real sensitive folks out there. On the Facebook groups, people begin "Mini-Modding" (Mini Moderators) on the groups telling people what they should and should not post. And it always starts off as "Don't take this personal", "I don't mean to offend anyone", "This is not directed towards anyone" or some sort of disclaimer to make it seems like there not being a Debbie Downer. :)

When in reality, the should have just skipped over the post. Me personally - Do you know how tired I am of seeing fellow CPers ask "How do I log-in to Mission Timekeeper?" after it's been posted a gazillion times. There's a search bar in the Facebook groups. It's in the "Welcome to the Team!" email, the DCP On Boarding site . . .   on Google somewhere. It's astonishing! *gasps*

But I don't do this:

"For everyone asking about logging into Mission Time Keeper. Please search this group and check your email. There is no need to keep asking, when all you need to do is a simple search. Thank you! Have a magical day! *insert a dozen emoticons*"

I swear the "Magical Day" and "Emoticons" make it 10 times worse. lol

There are also people who seem to have done no research on the program and just applied. No knowledge of nothing. Like they just applied and vanished. There are many that ask questions. that makes you wonder if they're really in college. Oh and my social media whores - follow me instagram/twitter/tumblr - ummm, NO!, and the "Does Anybody have this/do this/watch this/collect this/study this/major in this/ride this/eat this/etc." . . .  . well out of 2,800 groups members, I'm pretty flippin' sure someone has/does it . . . like really?

But, this is the type of thing that happens in Disney College Program groups. It can get worse and it will from time to time. So, you have been warned. That means, these same types will be present during the program. *double eye rolls* hahaha!

I swear . . . I'm done!

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