December 31, 2013

DCP Tidbits Volume 1: December 31st, 2013

This is my new Disney College Program tidbits post. I will basically post tidbits from the Facebook group, my personal experience in the program, things I notice, and anything I find around the internet about the program for 2014.

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December 31st, 2014

DORMS was fully released yesterday for January 8th and 13th arrival dates. In the DORMS email posted on Facebook by Jan 8th/13th CPs, it states that registration will start on December 31st, 2013 12AM EST official and end Jan 3rd, 2013 5PM EST. However, some people got their DORMS paperwork early and have already completed it. The same for Jan 13th arrivals. However, the deadline does seems to be 10 days for completing the paperwork. Also, I lied when I said there were no issues with DORMS. Ha! The system has sent people 2 to 6 emails (you get 1 email for username and 1 for password) with their password information. So, everyone has been trying all the passwords only to get locked out and left with no password. CPs that had similar issues mentioned waiting for 30 minutes and requesting a new password, while others noted that clearing cookies would help. What a mess! 

HOUSING has responded to an email sent by a future CP, in regards to hanging items on the wall. Their official response, in short, said NO. They stated that bulletin boards are available in every bedroom and in open areas of the apartment for use.

WORK LOCATIONS have been posted in some people's dashboards. Crazy right!? I first saw a girl post about it early in the morning (when the Facebook group dies down) that her dashboard said "QSFB H/H MK". (QSFB - Quick Service Food & Beverage) Only 1 person responded and noted the post. The other CP responded that MK means, of course, means Magic Kingdom. I have lost track of the post since I saw it. Another CP posted today that he will be working Slide Ops because it says so in his Dashboard. So, I mentioned a while back that after completing the New Hire Documents, your dashboard changes a bit, it's say "Your Role H/H"(H/H meaning host/hostess). I've also wondered if people in QSFB know where they are located based on their pay. You know people who work in Magic Kingdom or extremely high volume areas (I think) get premiums (more money). It use to be, anyone working in QSFB gets a premium, but now I don't know because so much has changed since my 2008 program (obviously).

 RECRUITING has called people last week (a day or two after Christmas) asking them to switch to Attractions because they don't have enough people. You had the option to accept the change or decline the change and keep your original role offer from Disney. Of course, the groups become overly excited and began asking how they can change. Disney has to call you first! College Programers that changed roles, noted that Disney Recruiting called from 407 area code.

MINIMUM WAGE is suppose to increase in Florida. Many CPs want to know does that mean programmers pay rates will go up. Back in 2008, Florida increased the minimum wage. Before I arrived, Disney sent me a letter/email stating that pay will go up and told me what my new QSFB rate for Spring Advantage 2008. Right now most CPs are receiving $7.79 per hour and the minimum will increase to $7.93 per hour. I could sure use the extra money!!!!!!!! An alumni noted that your pay may differ from what was offered in your original letter regardless of minimum wage increases. 



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