January 01, 2014

Updates: A Whole New Year

happy new year 2014 countdown disney

In case you've been living under a rock, it's 2014! My New Years Eve has been wonderful. I am recovering from all the excitement and alcohol. *giggles* So, Happy New Year Everyone!!! It will be interesting beginning my new year at Disney World.

Disney Happy New Year 2014

It's going to be weird moving to Florida and starting anew in Orlando. New home, new room mates, new job, and new experiences.

About 50-something days ago, I created this blog to document my experience at Disney. Here I am, 20 days out from arrival and I am so happy.

So, here's my little "try-to-post" list for the next 20 Days,

  • An Ultimate Packing List
  • A tour of Disney Housing with videos from DCP bloggers
  • What I Expect: The First Few Days
  • Advice on Getting to Orlando and to Check-In
  • Leaving Early for Orlando
  • Going to South Carolina before checking-in
  • More Fun Stuff & Grey Topics!!
  • My Pin board - Quick post and information with dates
  • More help on creating a bucket list
Happy New Year Disney 2014I will not only continue to document my college program experience, but I will also be posting my non-Disney related events and happenings around Orlando. This will make the blog even more personal and fun. Hopefully, future CPs can see that there are things to do besides work.

A lot of DCP blogs just post about work and never the fun stuff. They mention it every now and then but don't go into too much detail. It makes me think they're not getting out as much . . . I don' t know. LOL! Maybe some of it is not for the blogs. *shrugs*


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