December 23, 2013

FAQ: Pre-Arrival Research

Now that school is over, finals are done, and two week notices are being served everyone is waiting for check-in day. At this point, many people are counting down the days looking for ways to kill time until their check-in day.

Well, if you haven't already you should be studying the onboarding page front to back. It keeps you from freaking about when you should or shouldn't receive certain emails.You should also study the Disney program blog.

Here's a run down of what pages you should be reading from each source.

The Disney Programs Blog:

Employment Eligibility Documents - If you do not have the correct documents from this list, your check-in day will be really rough. It will delay your check-in day and training.

DORMS - This is the pre-regristration for Housing. Not participating in DORMS before arrival can delay your check-in day. Recruiting will put you on a computer to complete the information. If you click on each step in the DORMS instructions, you will see the prices for each apartment.

The Disney Look - On check-in day, casting will check to see if you are in compliance with the Disney Look. Be prepared to make changes to your hair or even glasses when you get to casting. If you're not willing to change your look, then going home is your only choice.

Tips for Spring 2014 - This is a few tips from Recruiting about your arrival, read to fresh your mind about your upcoming arrival.

WDW Bus Tips - An overview of the transportation. This subject is not covered that well in the post, but the video is more sufficent. If you watch the video, you see what some of the buses look like, cps thoughts on transportation, and some of the bus stops.

On-Site Laundry - This post talks about all the complexes on-site laundry facilities cost and number of units. In the comment section, they mention the Commons (it's now open for all).

The Onboarding Page:


Check-In Details: Read this page to find out :: What time is in check-in? Where is check-in located? What to wear? What's the Disney Look? What about my family? Where do I put my luggage during check-in? How early should I arrive? What document do I need to bring?  How do I get there?

Items to Bring: Read this to find out :: What items do I bring? Do they have (insert item)? Is (insert item) allowed? Can i ship items before I arrive?

I-9 Documents: Read this to find out :: What are I-9 documents? What documents do I need? What are I-9 documents used for? Can I use copies?

Your First Few Days: Read this to find out :: What is the first week like? When do I find out my locations? When do I get my schedule? When do we go to casting? What is the housing meetings? When is the housing meeting? Is the housing meeting mandatory? What is Traditions? When is Traditions? When do I start training/work? Is there a drug test or background check?

Pay Information: Read this to find out :: How I do sign-up for Direct Deposit? What is a payroll card? When I get my first check? When is payday? How often are we paid? NOTE: Please watch the video on this page (usually at the bottom on the left side) about the Direct Deposit and the Payroll card.

The Disney Look: Read this to find out :: Anything related to the Disney Look. Read each page or section top to bottom.

Housing: Read this to find out :: Read each section. For some details read my housing page for prices, nearest shops/eats, bathroom details and more.

There are more subjects covered on the blog/website/social media, but it's your responsibility to read through and become more informed on the program. I will cover this more next!!



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