December 23, 2013

Grey Topics: Did you read anything? Why so many questions?

I notice many participants in the Facebook groups are NOT reading the website, the blog or anything else . . . not even their emails.

An college programer (CP) posted this Facebook post and I personally agree! I know she really wanted to say, "Shut the f**k up with all these stupid a** questions. Everything is on the official f**king page. Wait your turn motherf**kers". Okay, okay . . . I admit, that's what I really wanted to say but still (insert evil laughter here) . . . I present to you:

Many of the questions these CPs are asking, have already been answered many times before on the DCP official social media networks and blogs. They even had a #AskDCP FAQ hastag on Twitter last month. Many alumni have answered the same questions over and over again. It's like no one is reading all this information being put out for future CPs!

A CP coming to the aid of someone asking too many questions.
Those asking a million questions are quite annoying to other participants, although some of us are more vocal than other CPs. Like the above Facebook post, i agree, he does have the right to ask as many questions (dumb or not) as he wants and we could just scroll pass the post or any post with his name.

However, just like him, we have the right to post or respond to anything we want and treat anybody however we feel necessary regardless if that person likes it or not. No, it's not right but you can't tell someone or anyone what they "don't have the right" to do. People can and will do as they please and that goes both ways. Doesn't matter who's right or wrong.

In my opinion, he does ask too many questions, but some are seriously dumb as f**k! Some of the questions are so off the wall, all I can do is just laugh. I personally think he is trolling (sometimes) and being annoying on purpose because nobody is this freaking slow. I'm for real . . . hahaha look at the Facebook post below to see the craziness!

I present the evidence:

and a little more for your entertainment:

Are you done laughing? This is what I'm talking about . . . I just laugh and pass it on up. Others CPs begin to join in on the sarcasm and the shit just goes completely left. He had to know that his post was going to cause some tension. Please note, before this post he has been doing this for like 2 week or more (posting question every 1-2 days) so he honestly is doing it to himself. I swear, it's like he is doing on purpose, but that's just my opinion.

Anyway moving on to my point . . .

I think reading all these resources is essential to having a good program. I'm serious! You will be given access to the HUB - the cast member god-like portal for absolutely everything, the Incredible Discount book - a complete run down on 90% of our discounts on and off property, Eyes & Ears - another cast member book that has juicy info and discounts, The Disney Program Newsletter - This is your key to DCP happenings!! Read every email top to bottom. This will inform you about program extensions, the professional internship applications, all discounts, DCP giveaways and events. There is also Housing the Magic - this is our personal tv channel that has the latest info on events, inspections, freebies, seminars and more.

There are a ton of other publications, emails, portals, and paperwork that will be given to you throughout the program. I can't even list them all! :)

It is essential to read everything that is given to you. Keep yourself informed. Don't miss any opportunities or events.

I look back on some of my old 2008 DCP emails (yes I have them ALL) and wonder to myself . . . . "How Did I miss this?",  "Where was I?", and "I passed this up?"

I found out about so many things AFTER my program, for example, the trolley that takes you down International Drive (Seaworld, Aquatica, Universal, shops, eats, bars, nightclubs) is 50 cent for cast members. I was paying full price!!!!!!

We all have those thoughts after something is over and done like . . . . I should've done this or I could've done more. Keep yourself from having these feelings by staying up-to-date and reading all information handed to you. 

I also encourage everyone to read the Official Walt Disney World website to find out more the about restaurants, recreational activities, character meets, special events, marathons and dinner shows.



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