January 16, 2014

4 Disney Days: The Hunchback of Notre Dame + 4 Beaches I Want Visit

This is my 10 Disney Days challenge featuring reviews and notes on Disney movies I have never seen or long forgotten. Included with these movies reviews are tasks that I much complete each Day. The task are Disney or Disney College Program related things.

Today's Challenge: The Hunchback of Notre Dame + 4 Beaches I Want Visit

MOVIE:The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Why: I know this is another epic film. Just like Meg from Hercules, I've seen pictures of Esmerelda in the parks. I didn't know all these characters came out in the parks like this at Disney.

Hopefully, I can some rare characters around the parks and during special events.

Anyway, I just wanted to watch this to refresh my memory on the storyline. I'm sure I've seen this before but I cant really remember much about. I didn't even remember Esmeralda.

I'm long overdue for watching this movie again.

Task: 4 Beaches I want visit in Florida

  • Clearwater Beach - I have been here before a long time. I really enjoyed myself and would like to return.
  • Daytona Beach - This is one of the closer beaches to Orlando, so taking a day trip will be possible. 
  • Panama City Beach - There is party bus going here soon. I highly doubt I will be able to get it, but I sure will try.
  • Miami Beach - I must take a side trip here even if it's only a day.
Cocoa Beach is also on my list. I plan on doing some travel outside of Orlando.


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