January 14, 2014

6 Disney Days: Atlantis The Lost Empire + 6 Disney Merchandise Items I Want

This is my 10 Disney Days challenge featuring reviews and notes on Disney movies I have never seen or long forgotten. Included with these movies reviews are tasks that I much complete each Day. The task are Disney or Disney College Program related things.

Today's Challenge: Atlantis The Lost Empire + 6 Disney Merchandise Items I Want

Movie: Atlantis The Lost Empire

Why: I want to see this because I didn't know this existed. So, when I found out it did exist I didn't know it was a Disney movie.

So, I'm like umm when did this come out? Why isn't it promoted? Where is the merchandise? Charcter meet and greets? Wait, what? What is this about?

Yeah, I'm just completely confused. Haha! For some reason, I expect this to be a good solid movie.

Someone posted on the DCP Facebook group, that it is an extremely underrated Disney film. So, I really want to check it out.

Review: I would do an review, but I'm behind on posting and it's getting hard to keep up now that I'm in South Carolina.

I will probably scratch the reviews from now on, to make things easier for me until check-in.

Task: 6 Disney Merchandise Items I Want

  1. Tea Pot/Mug/Casserole Dish from the Gourmet Mickey Collection - See it!
  2. Disney Tops Tinker Bel Tie Tank Tee - See It! / Belle Sequin Tank Tee - See It!
  3. Three Circle Swarovski Crystal Mickey Mouse Necklace by Arribas - See It!
  4. Drinkware - Stitch Glass Mug, Tumbler MugPilsner Glass, and a Coffee Mug
  5. A 2014 Walt Disney World T-shirt for my year at Disney - See It!
  6. Mickey Mouse Ears & an Autograph Book


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