January 13, 2014

7 Disney Days: Beauty & The Beast + 7 Things I Want to Do with My Roommates

This is my 10 Disney Days challenge featuring reviews and notes on Disney movies I have never seen or long forgotten. Included with these movies reviews are tasks that I much complete each Day. The task are Disney or Disney College Program related things.

Today's Challenge: Disney's Fantasia + 7 Things I want to try with my roommates

MOVIE: Beauty & the Beast

Why: I want to watch this movie again because I believe it was my first Disney movie. I'm unsure because it was between this and Snow White. I haven't watched it since maybe the second time I saw it as a kid . . . that's a long time. I want to rewatch this over again. I remember when I first saw it . . . I thought to my self, "I've never see anything like this before . . . what a strange movie."

Review: This movie brought back a lot of memories. enjoyed it from beginning to end, Of course, I am now excited to try "Be Our Guest".

This is truly a classic Disney movie. The characters are so cute and loveable. It's a strange love story about falling in love with a beast that's actually a Prince. LOL! Now, wonder why I was fascinated by this story as a child. WTF?? 

But again, it's a classic! Now, I'm in like this nostalgic mood. I can feel my childhood coming back. I will definitely have to visit Belle. Oh!! Of course, I now need to see Beauty and the Beast Live on stage at Hollywood Studios. Yep, I'm excited!

7 Thins I Want to Do With My Roommates

  1. Family Dinners - Even though we will be extremely busy during the program, it would love to have a sit down dinner every now and then with my roommates.
  2. Daytrip - Let's go somewhere, anywhere! The beach would be great!!
  3. Craft Night - We talked about this a little bit and decided to maybe make our own t-shirts or something. I seen this in another CP video and thought it was great idea.
  4. Holiday Party - There's not that many holidays during the spring, but we should be able to come up with something. Let's see there's Mardi Gras, Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo . . . wait that's a lot of holidays!
  5. Karaoke Night - Ahhh! A fun night of singing and crazy shenanigans. Perhaps Bdubz (Buffalo Wild Wings) is in our future.
  6. Fancy Dinner - At least one! A nice dinner somewhere on property.
  7. Park Together - It's REALLY difficult throughout the program to gather ALL of your roommates and head for the parks. On my last program, my roommates and I only went to the parks together ONCE during our entire program. That was in Animal Kingdom only! So much for bonding. LOL!



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