January 22, 2014

Bucket List: Magic Kingdom Resorts & the Wedding Pavilion

disney polynesian resort

So, I was suppose to make an individual post for each item, I completed on my bucket list. I did A LOT on bucket list (I think).

In the photo above: this is one of the walkways to other resorts or the monorail.

disney polynesian resort

Well, one of the first things I did was . . . (*drum roll*) . . . Resort Hopping. I can't remember the exact order of everything I did, but I know we did the Polynesian first.

I was very limited on money and did not want to spend what I had. I came with less than $115. My roommate was also limited on funds, so we started doing free stuff. We were in that slow phase where you don't have your Blue ID or any money, so no parks or super expensive stuff for us.

disney polynesian resort hidden mickey

 We walked around, found Hidden Mickey's, and got dole whip.

disney polynesian resort dole whip

Me chilling at the Polnesian inside the lobby before all the construction. Notice, I'm wearing a jacket. It was cool in Florida, but not freezing.

We decided to head for the Polynesian Resort, Wedding Pavilion, and then the Grand Floridian. For those that don't know. These are located right next to each other. There is path that will take you from the Polynesian to Grand, and in between is the beach where you watch wishes then the Wedding Pavilion.

These are just a few photos, I have so many!! Check out a few:

Grand Floridian

The Wedding Pavilion

Walk Way In Between Poly and Grand. Wedding Pavilion in shot,

Polynesian Pool



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