January 22, 2014

Bucket List: Epcot Resorts & Boardwalk

disneys boardwalk hotel  epcot hotels

Okay, so this happened 2 days into the program. Man, I was super busy. I arrived on Jan 20th, Jan 21st was my Bday, and Jan 22nd we resort hopped and watched fireworks.

Haha! Yes, I  remember now, we hit up the Polynesian and somehow in the same day ended up at the Boardwalk Resorts (Epcot Resorts).

We hit up the Boardwalk Resorts, Swan & Dolphin (which are two separate resorts), and the Yacth & Beach Club (also, two separate resorts). These are all considered Epcot Resort Hotels. This is because there is a bridge connecting all of them and you can enter Epcot from this bridge/walkway. It hard to explain without a map or whatnot. Epcot is the only resort with 2 entrances. This is key when you wanna see the Fireworks and trying to avoid a crowd or walking through Epcot.

Here's a few snaps from that day.

disneys boardwalk hotel

This a picture of a heavenly creation called Mac & Cheese bites that me and my roommate became obsessed with, they are so good. You get them from the Boardwalk stands. You will see it and smell it. Fantastic!!! No discount here so we didn't lose out on anything. Remember, we have no blue ID's yet.

disneys boardwalk hotel  mac & cheese bites

 I suppose I ordered a pull pork because it was super cheap. It was delicious and I split it with my roomie to save money.

disneys boardwalk hotel mac & cheese bites

This is the gorgeous Dolphin & Swan hotel. It's beautiful! Don't be afraid to explore it. I found a serious DCP secret spot (chill spot) by exploring this hotel. I will post this super secret in another post.

disneys dolphin and swan hotel epcot

disneys dolphin and swan hotel epcot


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