January 20, 2014

Countdown: I'm at Disney World and Checking In!

walt disney world countdown


No more counting down . . . . . I'm here!!! I made it to Disney World . . . well Vista. Haha!

Yesterday was the last day of my 10 Disney Days challenge. I actually had fun and enjoyed watching all the Disney movies. I figured it would help to refresh my memory and figure out where the ideas for many of these attractions themes originate.

Sooooo  . . . Right now, I am currently checking in at Vista doing all this Disney College Program paperwork for housing, security, and work. I should be heading for casting between 9:30AM to 10AM.

Later today, I will definitely try to post a rundown of my day, however, that will be another post late tonight. I will attempt to cover meeting up with my room mates for the first time, what's check-in like with the DORMS system, my role/ location, casting, paperwork, a mini housing review, and whatever I can think of at the moment.

I'm full of excitement and ready to go! I'll probably pass out tonight from all the energy. Well, excuse me while I finish my first day of the Disney College Program.

Pure Pixie-dust!!! 

Oh, and tonight will be the start of my first Program Life post series!!!!!! Since, I am here now and what not. Hooray!!

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  1. It's almost 4 yyears later and your post are still helpful. :) Thank you