January 20, 2014

Program Life: Checking-In and Casting

DCP Check-In Line at Vista Way

Okay, let me just quickly go over my check-in day. This is sort of like every Youtube check-in video you have seen. It's still at Vista Way, with the same signs, same places to park and early morning arrival times. Remember, this is my second program and NOTHING has really changed.

So imagine those check-in videos BUT with the changes I'm about to mention.


My room mates and I met at the Santa Fe steak house next to the Walgreens at  the corner near Vista Way. Update (7/14/2015): Trust me this was a good spot considering that Walgreens park lot and any area near Vista Way was pack, so consider this a good spot to meet up. We all agreed that 7AM was a good time to meet up. The lines were crazy long and cars were coming in from everywhere.

One of my room mates that got in line early, informed me that if you did not have the right check-in time you would be denied until your time. It was true, but it didn't matter after awhile because the line got super long and everything began to become super disorganized.

So, YES . . . they are enforcing the assigned arrival times.

Update (7/14/2015): If they are still doing this for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, then go at the scheduled time as it will save you time and a headache.

You're not missing out anything, by showing up super early. Here's why . . . you pick your roommates prior to arrival now. Everything is pre-chosen or planned for you. Your work location, apartment, roommates, car information . . . . all that jazz is done or just needs to be confirmed. Even if you want the first pick at your room at your apartment, discuss this prior to arriving with roommates to avoid a headache or show up together. (I might make a separate post for this one).

If you're not choosing your roommates ahead of time, then do know that the rooms are a decent size and each has their own bathroom.

Also, you might be able to arrive early than your time, but they may stop this later towards the afternoon when everyone starts flooding Vista.


They hand you a sticker with your name on it and a 2014 guide book.  Once I got near the front of the line we were split up into 2 groups based on last names. At the front of the line, you were given a sticker with your role and location - This is the first thing you get!

dcp role reveal and housing info

After getting your role/location, in the next room it was in this order: scan your DORMS paper to confirm your apartment, take a photo for the HOUSING ID, get your house keys, and then get your HOUSING ID from the printer.

Then the next line is to get your Casting and Housing meeting assignment time. You are split up based on which day you have Casting. They break up people into multiple groups and send you different tables to discuss with a Disney Housing Cast Members on how to read and understand the 2 papers with your casting time and housing meeting information. You also go over the Disney Look.

After this, you confirm your Direct Deposit or give them your form for the card (I believe). If you filled it out online there is no need to bring a check. I filled my information out long after I completed the New Hire Documents. Of course, bring a payroll form or check just in case. This can all be changed once you have access to the HUB.

Again, you will go to another line to fill out the I-9 form which MUST be taken to Casting.

The next line is about the education courses.

The very last booth is about Safe D and you get food and some freebies. (Hooray)

So, if you have casting on the same day as check-in . . . . you will wait at Vista near the Safe D booth (it's all in the same area) to get on the bus at your assigned time.  I had mine on the same day.

If not, go move in to your apartment and you will probably have Casting the next day and then the housing meeting the day after.

DCP Casting Day

This photo was taken at Casting by one of the DCP Check-In Cast Members. It was posted on the DCP Official Facebook Page. Yes, I'm in the photo. We had to wait until we could go inside. The bags were given to us at Vista Way and was full of goodies.


I had Casting the same day as check-in, so this means I immediately went to casting after I finished check-in. I stayed at Vista to wait for the bus. You will see the buses outside once you get through the maze that is check-in. We got on the bus and were taken through a part of Disney property. It was like a mini-tour which led to Downtown Disney and on wards to Casting. The Recruiter on the bus was cheerful and entertained us with trivia.

Update (7/14/2015): I like the way this is done now. They actually take you through the infamous Disney gates, give you Disney trivia, and tell you a little about Disney property. Due to the heavy construction and changes to Downtown Disney you will get to see some cool sides to Disney property.

Casting went by quickly. It was maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes. It's basically this: confirm ALL your information, show proof of work eligibility (Your state/gov't issued ID), fingerprints, how to change your home address in the HUB, get your training schedule (Hooray), learn how to read the training schedule, and then complete the Casting process. All of these are different rooms and stations.  It's like getting a tour of the casting building. Wooot!


I waited for the bus and made some friends. The bus back was quick and fairly painless. Remember, you CANNOT (this of course applies to 2014-2015) drive to Casting.

Update (7/14/2015): So, alittle side story about my day at Casting. While at Casting, I met a two girls in line. They were in front of us. They were actually talking to my roommate. I think I was on my phone taking pics or something. So, I introduced myself and where I worked. Then one of the girls (her name is Julie) said, "Oh, I got the same location!" This would be Custodial in World Showcase. We started of course chatting about our future work location. So, me and Julie not only ended up working the same location, we both ended up having the same training schedule, same trainers, and completely remained together our entire program.

We did everything together! We also ended up extending together into the same role (Attractions) but different locations. She got Downtown Disney and I got Epcot's Soarin'. We became roommates during the extension and moved into Chatham.

Fate is so crazy right! Please don't be afraid to talk with people or make friends. Thinking back on this just makes us laugh because we literally stayed together since Day 1 of the program.


I moved into my apartment and cleaned up. I talked to my roommates and properly greeted everyone I could. We did our apartment inventory then went to the club house and explored the property.


We settled in and went shopping at the Dollar Tree and had dinner at CiCi's pizza. We could get the Cast Discount even though we NO BLUE IDs. We asked after the transaction which was too late.

So big heads up to future CPs . . . . show your housing ID (this is before you get Blue Id) to get your discount at CiCi's. It's worth a try.

We mostly spent the night cleaning and cleaning some more. We did inventory, got sparkle buckets - free cleaning supplies from the clubhouse, and unpacked.

Oh a note on Sparkle Buckle:

When you first move in, send a roommate or go yourself to the clubhouse and ask for a sparkle bucket. The Sparkle Bucket contains free cleaning supplies in a big bucket.

Ours had comet (good for everything), tile mildew spray, glass cleaner (smells like mint), a bleach product, etc.



  1. I apologize to awkwardly challenge one of your statements. I had the same arrival day as you and had a 10am-11am check-in time and got in line at 6:45am and checked in with no problem! I think you have such a detailed and informative blog, so I just hope to help! Thank you!

    A Loyal Follower

  2. Your blog has been SO helpful! I share it with all the girls I talk to and have questions now that FALL 14 is alive and kicking! Thank you so much!!

  3. Question from a dad. When you go to check in, do you bring all your luggage? At what point do you bring your luggage and stuff to the apartment?