January 08, 2014

DCP Tidbits: January 8th, 2014

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 JAN 8TH ARRIVALS will be the first group of Disney College Program participants will be checking-in to Vista Way tomorrow at around 8AM.

BREAKING NEWS! Disney has app that tracks the location of each Transtar, the official CP company, buses on its route. The app is called TransLoc and the tracking is live. This is a must have if you plan on using CP buses. This app along with the unofficial DCP app (Available in the Google Play store only) will make your adventures at Disney even better!

DORMS Registration for January 20th arrivals has started yesterday. DORMS registration will run from Jan 7th 9AM EST to Jan 10th 5PM EST.

DORMS ISSUES have popped up for Jan 20th arrivals, basically there are some major problems with filling out the registration for those wanting to link up to their chosen roommates. Some CPs are having trouble picking the size of the unit (1-4 bedroom) in DORMS. So far, no one has reported problems with being able to link up with their room mates.

DELAYS - The below freezing temperature are causing programmers delays in their flights and Disney check-in arrival. Programmer report the, of course, calling Disney is you best bet and they are more than willing to help you out. One programmer said his date was changed to the 13th of January instead of the 8th of January.

NO DISNEY HERITAGE - I received a letter from the Disney Education team in regards to the wait list for the Disney Heritage class. The letter said there is no possibility of a class opening and it's best to wait until Jan 11th, the day classes can be dropped, and check the website constantly for openings. I will post this later.

DEADLINES - Once you have finished DORMS the first time, you have 72 hours to go back in and make any changes.



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