January 07, 2014

Email: Disney Housing You've Been Linked

After, one of my roommates completed her DORMS form and entered all of us into the system, we received this email from Disney confirming we have been linked. Now, I can start the housing registration. I used the information from the first email to log-in.

How to complete it:

Once, I was logged-in, I had to change my password and then complete the registration. This required reading all of the housing policies (at the bottom you click a checkbox and enter your birthday) and allow for payroll to deduct rent from my paycheck (click the checkbox and type your birthday). Then it moved on to the roommate and hoursing prefernces, which all I had to do was confirm the information my roommate entered.

If for some reason you want to deny the link, there is an "unlink me" button at the top that can be used to remove yourself from the link and not rooming with those participants. Once you unlink from that group you cannot link to them again.

After reading the housing rules and completing the housing preferences you will print the completed boarding documents.

This is the email once you've been linked:



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