January 09, 2014

Disney Challenges: 10 Disney Days

disney challenge countdown
I've decided to do a fun Disney countdown called, 10 Disney Days, to help make the week before check-in more festive. For some reason, I'm feeling a bit nervous jumping back into the program for a second time. I think this a good way to start my Disney adventure.

My challenge will involve watching Disney movies that I have never seen before plus some old ones I have long forgotten.


I am one of those people who watch movies and cannot remember the songs or music from the movie, supporting character names, a pet name, a location in the movie, quotes or lyrics. There are some people out there that can quote movies and sing the entire song from a movie, I cannot do that. LOL! So, I need to refresh my memory on Disney movies.

I also don't care for seeing movies twice. If I do, it has to be a huge gap . . . like huge. For example, I haven't watched The Lion King since it came out when I was a kid.


For my 10 Disney Days challenge, I will be watching one Disney movie each day with a mini review plus some notes about the movie and post what each task next to the movie indicates.

My List + Task
  • Jan 10th - Wreck-It-Ralph + 10 Disney Snacks I Want to Eat
  • Jan 11th - Lilo & Stitch + 9 Disney Shows I Want to See
  • Jan 12th - Song of the South + 8 Orlando Attractions I Want to Try
  • Jan 13th - Beauty & The Beast + 7 Things I want to try with my roommates
  • Jan 14th - Atlantis The Lost Empire + 6 Disney Merchandise Items I Want
  • Jan 15th - Hercules + 5 of my favorite Disney Movies
  • Jan 16th - The Hunchback of Notre Dame + 4 Beaches I want visit in Florida
  • Jan 17th - The Princess & the Frog + 3 of My Favorite Disney Characters 
  • Jan 18th - Swiss Family Robinson + 2 Disney Rides I Love
  • Jan 19th - The Black Cauldron + 1 Goal to Achieve by the end of my program
  • Extra Movies: Planes 2, Sword in the Stone, Ratatouille,  Oz the Great and Powerful + Other Classics
The "10 Disney Days" challenge will begin Jan 10th and finish on Jan 19th - the day before check-in.


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