January 08, 2014

Onboarding: Employment Eligibility Documents (I-9)

Add these documents to your list of items to bring. These documents are called I-9 documents, and prove your eligible to work and not an illegal person trying to work.

Here is the information as taken from the Onboarding site regarding the I-9 documents:

Things to remember about your documents:

  • Any document you provide for employment verification on the I-9 Form must be an original.  Copies of any document cannot be accepted.
  • Documents must also be unexpired in order to be valid for employment authorization purposes.
  • In the event you arrive for your program and you do not have the necessary documents to complete the I-9 Form, you will be unable to start work.
If you still don't understand, here's the link on the Disney Interns & Programs official blog.


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