January 03, 2014

Grey Topics: Termination for Internet Usage

Disney college program internet usage

In this edition of Grey Topics, I want to go over something that made me really upset on the Facebook group the other day. Usually, I hold my silence, but I decided not to jump into the conversation no matter how much it pissed me off.

I would block out names but ugh I don't feel like it, besides what's the point when it's on Facebook. Closed group or not this is public. Sorry, not sorry.


Anyway, this was not the end of the conversation but it gives you a general idea of how this topic came up. The discussion got even more silly and ludicrous after the cut. There was also a conversation that came before this post.

The girl claims her room mate got termed for "streaming" content . . . not denying it, but shit that can't be the whole story. You just don't get termed for streaming a video or media. My god that's beyond rare!!! She claimed her room mate was only streaming.

Come on now! Her room mate didn't tell her everything. I mean you've only known her in person for 4-8 months!! She could have watered down the truth.

Note: After I completed this post, some else came back and post a questions about this again. And many people (again) refuted the possibility of this happening.

My Take on Her Story

I think she downloaded illegal content, now I mentioned the word downloaded. I believe, housing got a notice from their cable/internet service provider. You know, the notice that you get when you download a file and your internet and sometimes cable gets suspended. You call the cable company and they say your internet has been flagged for piracy . . . yeah that notice.

This had to happen. These notices include the name of the pirate content or file, for example "harry_potter_movie_DVDrip.avi"  . . . you get the point and it will also state the IP address that download the file.

All housing needs is the IP address to figure out which apartment tried to download the file. Everyone in the same apartment uses the same Wifi or ethernet cord therefore the same IP number.

The real question is how did they find out which person's computer it came from . . . that's the real question. I've said before that people only tell you want they want. It's never 100% . . . trust no one.

Not denying the story but she should have keep it mild and realistic. These stories make people feel like they can't do anything.  People keep forgetting we pay rent so were are still entitled to some privileges and privacy.

The Contract and You're Worthless

Okay, I really hate it when CPs bring up, "it's in the contract." We get it, but it's not that serious. Calm down. Don't thow that out when you have nothing else to say. They don't own us or our privacy (completely anyway). Having a contract doesn't mean your computer can be ransacked by housing without a proper notice. Which I doubt they can do that at all. Their is an internet usage policy, but it's no different than a contract for a regular Internet Service Provider.

Another thing that annoys me beyond belief is when I read  comments like this in the post thread: "we can be replaced easily", "they don't care if you get termed", "CPs are at the bottom of the food chain","you don't have any say or privileges", "you're just a CP so deal with","CPs are disposable", "deal with it or go home" . . . . . I'm like woah there!! O___O

To sum it up, some alumni claim, "you're a worthless piece of crap" according to Disney. That is false to an extent.

We're not EASILY replaceable.

Replaceable yes, easily NO. I remember when CPs would quit or get terminated at my location . . . NO ONE came in to take their spot. The hours are split amongst everyone, but that means Disney may need to pay overtime. That means more work for CPs and more stress for managers because there is less staff.

CPs only come in at certain times of the year. So, it's not like they can call in for more programmers because there is a system. CPs arrive in January and early February. More CPs will not arrive until April when the quarter programmers show up, but there are very few of them arriving. Then May/June is the start of the Fall Advantage, but we also lose CPs because this is the end of the regular Spring program. 

However, it's only certain times of year. So, until arrival season starts schedulers must make due with seasonal, full-timers, part-timers, and the remaining CPs.

They DO care about US.

Managers, security, housing, and bus drivers are not complete buttholes. They are not out to get you! They get paid to do their job not to get you termed purposely. I really sure housing has better things to do than to PURPOSELY get CPs termed. Housing is no different than any other apartment community management, they must keep resident occupancy at a certain number.

Many of them try to work with you and help you out. If you show respect, maturity and be courteous than you should have no problem encountering these individuals.

It's the same for work, if you apply yourself and show some responsibility then your managers will respect you the same. Of course, not all managers will give you the nod you deserve when you've worked hard, but you press on and maintain respect. Don't let someones bad attitude dictate how you should act.

Reciprocating Respect

Being a CP or at the bottom of the food chain, does not mean we should be disrespected and mistreated. Granted CPs work hard and are paid minimum wage, but ALL CPs knows this when they sign up. This is not NEW. Low pay and a ton of hours does not equate to being treated like shit. So cut the bull!

I was treated wonderfully by management, despite the many times I foolishly called out. I got my requested days off and many of them said thank you, almost daily for the work I did.

It's not like this everywhere . . . of course not, but once again management must respect you and act like managers should when on the job. If you do your job, they'll do theirs (maybe lol).

As for the "deal with it or go home" . . . what do think will happen if YOU decided not to comply with Disney's policies. Polices that you read in the new hire documents, at casting, and/or traditions. You go home right? Right. 

We know about the hard work, long hours, under staffing, low pay, mean full-timers, incompetent managers, and so on. But, this is almost every job!  So, of course, if you don't like any of this, then yes . . . by all means go homeSad to say, this is real life and every job will have problems.

Back On The Topic

I've gone all off track! So we know downloading, sharing, and torrenting any copyrighted material is illegal . . . no shit. This is true! However, that's why many people do streaming. Streaming can be done from youtube, dailymotion, abc news, a blog, forum . . . anywhere on the internet.

To get termed for simply streaming . . . there is no way! Tracking down someone for watching a stream is very difficult and rare. If anyone is taken down for streaming illegal activity, it will be the website owner and hosting service. If you're doing the streaming, uploading or sharing then expect some problems.

I did some streaming of anime and videos with no issues. I've known MANY other CPs with no issues. Of course, not saying it can't happen, but I think housing is more worried about these underage drinkers. ^__^

Perhaps if she would have said downloading, that would've been way more legit. But, for real, come on now! I listen and take in everyone's stories, but I said in another grey topic, take these stories with a grain of salt.

On another note: Enough with the damn termination stories and scare tactics. Let these CPs live!


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  1. Dumb question, but just streaming regular you tubers is fine right?