January 20, 2014

Living: Chatham 18302

So, the DORMS information was correct! I do live in Chatham Square Building 18. The location is fabulous (I told you that here) because it's close to the bus, clubhouse, trash, and laundry.

I live in a 3 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor. The apartment is spacious with plenty of room for storage. My rent is 92.00 per week.

The MAJOR CONS: Our microwave was disgusting with rust, hair and crack roof and a complete fire hazard - so we have NO microwave. The light and fan above the stove don't work! The bathrooms need additional cleaning. Some outlets don't work.

UPDATE (7/14/2015): So, I we took the microwave out and brought it down to the front desk and they gave us a dirty look. Not as dirty as the microwave, but whatever. Ha! We eventually did end up getting another microwave and the light above the stove was fixed half way through the program.

They aren't fast at fixing things, so stay on top of maintenance calls. Overall, the apartment was good (in my opinion). Although, some may be use to the good life and think it's a third world hut. I can say that is not bad. YOU do need to clean it yourself. After you clean it yourself, it will begin to feel like home. Do yourself a favor and decorate it! Oh, and the infamous green carpet is gross, but doable.

THE MAJOR PROS: LOCATION!!!!, All Buses come to CHATHAM!, my classes are at Chatham, and close to the Outlets. My room is large, a big bathroom and a standard closet.

UPDATE (7/14/2015): We were right across from the clubhouse, we had no problems with security (even when we had a party), no loud noise above (we on the 3rd floor), and  many events were held in the Chatham Square field.



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