January 20, 2014

The Future of DCP Life

The Disney College Program Life

It is a well known fact in the DCP blogosphere that after arriving to Disney the post go from 5 a week to 0 post  . . . quickly.

Anyway, I decided to let everyone know about the future of this blog, before I suddenly disappear and then reappear with a post towards the end of my program. Haha! 

The Future 

Many DCP bloggers don't last, matter of fact, I don't know many bloggers that have maintained their blog for the entire program. The Vloggers (video bloggers) seem to do a lot better at updates and posting.

Basically what I'm saying is . . . . I feel that I might catch the DCP Blog Syndrome. 

In the future, my idea is to post a full weekly recap write up of events, so this will be weekly. That should be doable at best! In between, I would like to post my events/life photos as they happen with little blurbs about the festivities.

Although, I will try to post frequently during these first two weeks to give you an idea of what the first 2 weeks is like at Disney.

Posting up photos with blurbs will be quicker and easier than a full write up. I can import them directly from Facebook using Quick Gallery for Blogger.

I will figure something out!

*Fingers Crossed - Blows Pixie Dust*



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