February 25, 2016

DCP Housing: 1 Bedroom VS 2-4 Bedrooms Apartment

DCP Housing: 1 Bedroom VS 2-4 Bedrooms Apartment - Chatham 1 Bedroom Building
Please note: Although my program is over, I will continue posting whatever comes to mind and uploading some old content.

I want to touch up on something that's not really brought up in a lot of DCP discussions, and that is whether to stay in a 1 Bedroom (2 people) or 2-4 Bedrooms (4-8 people).

I spent an entire year in Disney Housing. For the first half of my program, I stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham. For my extension, I stayed in a 1 Bedroom apartment also in Chatham. I've seen the inside of Vista, Patterson and Commons apartments/bedrooms. Because of all my previous experience with Disney Housing, I can give a little insight on the pros and cons of both.

The Multi Bedrooms (2-4 Bedrooms)


More Space + Layout Options - You get a full kitchen, a living space and a full dining area. Dining areas are not in some 1 bedrooms. If you arrive first, you have a few options for the layout you prefer.

Possibly a Bigger Kitchen + More Appliances - The kitchen in my 3 Bedroom Chatham was large with a shelved pantry and a wash/dryer room that was turned into a room for extra storage.. Also 4 Bedroom apartments are said to have an extra refrigerator to accommodate 8 people. There's no shelved pantry in some 1 bedroom apts because you have all the cabinet space. However, this was a bit of an issue because I was too short to reach the top cabinets. :)

Balcony - You get a balcony! I know this seems trivial, but you must understand that you cannot open the windows (some are locked) and if you can open them . . . expect a knock from security. Also, Vista has no balconies no matter the apartment size. SOME 1 Bedrooms don't have a balony (this also depends on the complex). My 1 Bedroom in Chatham had no Balcony.

Instant Friends - Yes! All your roomies can turn into real besties. Since you live in a common space, it's easier to bond and create a friendship. So you don't have to lurk around Facebook groups or Tinder to find someone to hangout with at the parks. And if you don't like one of your roommates, it's not so bad because there is 3-7 more girls in your apartment.

Parties/Hangouts - One of your roommates is bound to have a party or get to together. This is a great chance for you to meet new people and get more connections. Trust me, you need those connections. This also great for your overall happiness. It's good feeling to come home and see all your roomies snuggle up watching the Oscars/Grammy's and eating fresh cookies.

Skills & Networking - When searching for roommates on Facebook, I was surprise to see just how many girls actually baked. I thought to myself, "Wow! Time to learn something new." You never know what your roomies are capable of doing. I met girls that could do hair, sew, bake/cook and do other cool things like do photography or dancing. Networking is what Disney is all about right!! You're roommates could have some serious connections that you don't know about, and this can help you in the long run.

A Partner for Everything - Having so many roommates means someone will always be home or available to hang out. One thing you will hear or read frequently from DCPers i is, "Is anyone available to hangout?" In a big apartment with 4-8 girls, that won't be much of a problem.

They've got what you need - Run out toilet paper, someone in your 3 bedroom apartment should have some. Out of milk, sugar, cheese, mustard or ranch dressing? Need skillet or rice cooker? Well, don't worry cause I'm sure one of you're roommates have purchased a bottle or two. There's a sense of security having so many roommates because you know someone's go what you're out of.

Item Exchange - Anytime I didn't like something I purchased, I would give it to one of my roommates. I've done this with quite a few snacks for lunch. Clothing that doesn't fit, food you don't like or haven't used . . . give it to a roommate or a friend of a roommate.

Sharing A Meal - Oh, this is the best! I cannot count how many times my suitmate has actually fed me. I would come home tired from work, with no desire to cook. I walk through the door . . . BAM, I smell food. My roommates is like, "Yeah, I got you." *cries* I've also fed her many, many times. Don't forget those random roomie dinner parties.

Honorable Mentions - Nextflix and Media (PS, XBOX) Sharing, Having a roomie with a car, Your roommates parents (moving in/out), Roommate Moral Support, Roomies visiting you at work, Getting perks at your roomies work locations, sharing a laundry card,

Whoa! That's a lot of pros!


More Spaces, Means More Cleaning - This large space means there's more that needs to be cleaned up. Plates on the dining table, socks under the coffee table, etc. Stuff scattered everywhere, which brings me to the next things.

Pure Clutter - My roommates came with a lot of stuff. 4 out of 6 came with cars, so they came loaded. No matter how clean the apartment was, it just always looked cluttered. It was annoying. It was stuff like dirty dishes or clothing. For example, on our breakfast bar there was my fryer, an electric kettle, calendar, potpurri thing (can't remember the name), mail, flyers/books, pens . . . just random stuff. Sometimes this can't be helped. :|

A Rush to Be First - If you come last, you don't get the room of your choice. Come first, your in business. There's a lot of ups and downs to each room. Some worse than others. This can cause some issues (nothing major, but still) if a few of you arrive to the apartment at the same time.

The Fridge - You will ask yourself quite a few times throughout the program, "Which one is mine?". I had this particular problem with mustard. LOL! Depending on what it is, this can cause friction. For example, there were several bags of pizza rolls in our fridge, none tagged, so yeah it was a complete guessing game.

Who ate my? - Yes, you will hear this for sure. Who ate my yogurt, are my cookies . . . blah, blah, blah. Just so you know, this relationship with your roommates requires some deep level of trust because your food is out in the open.  Some folks (*coughs* me) go crazy when you eat their food. So yes, this requires trust. This happened in my first and second program - both 3 bedrooms in Chatham.

No one did the dishes! - Oh boy! Yeah, this phrase can cause a fight, real talk. This one phrase can easily break that roomie bond you've been trying to build. Tread lightly  my friends.

Instant Enemies - Gossiping in your little adobe is bound to happen and it will happen. It will be you and your suitmate vs your other roommates because your sleeping in the same room. Your bound to have those late night talks where you and your suitmate will bring up the issues you both are having with the other girls. You will also discuss or plan to have that roommate sit down talk, although it may not really happen.

The Partying - One of your roommates comes in drunk and LOUD . . , irritating you. Or your getting off late, walk through the door to see there is a party in your own apartment and you had no idea.

Finally to the 1 Bedroom stuff . . . I'll make this short.

The 1 Bedroom Apartment (2 People)


Less Noise -  means more sleep for you . . . AT ANY HOUR

Less People - cause there's just you and your roommate

Possible Cleaner Apartment - you have less space, but it's enough space for 2 people to share

More space to put your things - all the kitchen cabinets are yours, bedroom closet, kitchen closet ( there's no pantry in some), living room closet, you dresser, the sink cabinet . . . awesome!

More control on decorating - have a creative theme, holidays decorating or whatever you two choose

Less dishes - you can actually leave dishes in the sink and it won't pile up  because it's just 2 people. Ha! Also, create a system that works for you and your roomie.

More privacy - By know you know you're roomies schedule - so yes, you can absolutely walk around in your undies and play music

Plenty of fridge space - there's no need to figure out what belongs to who

Possibly less arguing - about trivial things like dishes, cleaning schedules, noise, etc.


If you go 1 Bedroom and RANDOM - you're in for a treat!! You have no idea who Disney is placing you with, proceed with CAUTION. I ONLY recommend this to CPs who already chosen their rooms via Social Media and CPs who extend their program.

You could end up hating/disliking your roommate. This sucks major because you LIVE with this person and it's just the two of you. The silence could be deadly. Not to mention, the amount of tension that would be in the room. This will definitely test your ability to be an "ADULT' about things. *Ugh*

Awkward Bedroom Set-up - So, when me and my roomie moved in to our apartment for our program extension, we got a HUGE slap in the face. We opened the door to our apartment, and instantly fell in love. Adorable kitchen with a quaint living area, perfect, for right now. We open the door to the bedroom and OMG!! The freakin' sink vanity is in the bedroom INSTEAD of the bathroom. By the way, this is in Chatham. Believe me this was a huge problem that we both noticed immediately. I know this tested not only my patience but hers as well.

This means I had to listen to her brush her teeth, comb her hair and wash her face at 7AM while I'm still in bed asleep. The toilet and tub where in a room together. Talka about a lack of privacy, there are some private things I needed to do at the sink or while looking in a mirror but can't because her bed is right next to the sink/mirror vanity. . . so annoying. Anyway . . .

Less People to Hangout - you're apartment will be empty most of the time, so keep a list of friends that have the same off days as you or else you'll get a bit lonely.

Always having an empty apartment - this can a bit lonely for some

Killing bugs by yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! *Get a vacuum, if your squeamish like me*

No dining area - you don't get a dining table and chairs. All you have is a breakfast counter with 2 chairs.

Wifi and Router were under my bed!!!!!!! Yes, under my bed! It was annoying.

No balcony, can't open windows - there was no way to air out the apartment especially after cooking

Only 2 pieces of furniture - we only a 3 seat and single seat couch - could be a bit irritating when you invite people

Weird cable set up - The cable set up was strange in our apartment - they put our couch where the tv was suppose to go, speaking of that . . .

Limited furniture set-up - there was only so many ways to move our furniture to make it functional

Honorable Mentions - Less counter space, there's no pantry - so everything goes in the cabinets which you probably won't be able to reach, smaller space/rooms, the splitting of chores - apparently we both hated taking out the trash and neglected it often lol

I hope this helps you choose which you prefer. Also, keep in mind that Disney has now added Bunk Beds to some of their rooms - bleh.


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