November 22, 2013

Disney College Program Roommate Survey Template

I wanted to provide a quick example for anyone to use for their room mate survey. The room mate survey gives people general information about you and your lifestyle.

Most people in the Facebook ask, "Where do I find the room mate survey?". Well, here it is. :)

You can copy/paste the survey from anyone in your arrival date group or download it here. Please read my word of advice. I am by no means a DCP expert (just an alumni) but I have plenty of common sense. LOL!

(Skip the reading and just download the survey here from Google Documents)


Please don’t lie!! Be up front and keep it real. It shows maturity when you can be direct and honest about what you want without being disrespectful. 

If you want to party and drink, please admit it . . . . If you hate drunk people, say so . . . If you all you wanna do is bake brownies and watch Disney movies everyday during you entire program, say it . . . it will save you a HUGE headache later. Besides, you want people that are like or favorable to YOU.

Be vigilant in your search for a room mate. That means, post in ALL the groups because some people may not be in the main page or in your arrival page group. Keep posting, some people get accepted really late or wait til the last minute.

Housing Details:

Visiting hours are from 7AM to 1AM for non-program participants AND program participants UNLESS you live in the SAME housing complex. Quiet hours are from 7AM to 1AM for all COMPLEXES.  (read about that here)

For example, Chatham residents can visit each other after 1AM (of course you must be considerate of others). Patterson residents can visit each other . . . and so on. However, Chatham CANNOT visit Patterson residents after 1AM.

Wellness and Non-wellness may room together BUT Non-Wellness participants must sign a contract. (read that here)


What questions should I ask?

Well the main ones, to me, are:

How do you feel about visitors during the day? night? after visiting hours (if in the same complex)?

How do you feel about drinking? being buzzed/slightly drunk? drinking games? throwing parties?

Would you ride a party bus? go to universal? visit a beach? go shopping? trips to Miami?

Do you smoke? Hookah bars? (No pipes on property)

how late do you stay up? When do you wake up?

Lights on or off at night? TV on or off at night?

Cold or Hot room? Fan or no fan? Messy or Clean?

To me these are the most important questions you should ask your potential roommates after reviewing their survey.

Finally to the room mate, you may add more details. . . the more the merrier. 

Disney College Program Unofficial Roommate Survey Template

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Orientation:
  • Relationship Status:
  • Birthday/Age:
  • Current Location:
  • From:
  • School:
  • Major:
  • Are you allergic/allergies to anything?
  • Do you have any siblings?
  • Are you applying for WDW or DL?
  • Flying or Driving:
  • Your Role?:
  • What program are you applying for?
  • Do you want to live in Wellness or Non-Wellness?
  • How many people do you want to live with?
  • Which housing complex would you like to live in?:
  • Alumni?
  • Do you party? How often?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you drink?
  • Can you cook?
  • Are you a night person or morning person?
  • Do you snore?
  • What does your bedroom normally look like?
  • Do you like it when your room is hot or cold?
  • Would you rather go out or stay in?
  • What do you like to do on your days off/the weekend?
  • Do you work out a lot?
  • Three words that describe you:
  • One good quality:
  • One bad quality:
  • Are you outgoing or quiet?  
  • Do you like hanging out with people or keeping to yourself?
  • What would you want in a roommate?
  • What are your biggest pet peeves/dislikes?
  • Are you messy or organized?
  • How do you feel about sharing?
  • Do you like having people over a lot?
  • Favorite thing to do:
  • Favorite Music:
  • Favorite TV Shows:
  • Favorite Movies: Favorite Food:
  • Favorite Candy:
  • Favorite Drink:
  • Favorite Color:
  • Favorite Character:
  • Favorite Movie:
  • Favorite Disney Channel Show:
  • Favorite Park: 
  • Favorite Ride:


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