November 18, 2013

Disney Housing: Wellness vs Non-Wellness

What is wellness and non-wellness?

Straight to the point: Wellness means under 21 and Non-wellness is over 21. You will need to mention this during your DORMS registration.

Wellness - Under 21 Rules

Wellness participants cannot consume alcohol inside the apartment, keep alcohol inside the apartment, or consume alcohol on the apartment complex grounds. You cannot consume alcohol outside of the housing complex (it's against the law, remember!), on Disney property or anywhere else DURING your program because "it's against the law". If you do, you are at risk for termination from the program, if arrested by officers or turned in to housing/security.

Drinking underage outside of Disney property or Disney housing can still get you termed, IF they found out. If you decide to do, so please be careful. If you go out somewhere to party and come back shitfaced housing won't say anything to you. Unless your being a belligerent drunk, violating housing property, and disrespecting security they won't say much when you come back to your apartment.

They can find out, IF someone reports it to housing. People can report your activity and behavior to housing.

I've been told and read via Facebook: for example, the waitress at the restaurant can report you - remember when you flash your Disney ID for that discount, posting on social media - remember all those friends you added before the program, another CP/ICP - spies/snitches on the party bus, clubs, etc., co-workers - don't talk too loud about your night out . . . these are just a few ways YOUR bizness can get to housing or your managers.

If another CP living in Disney Housing (see the complexes) hosts a party with alcohol and YOU are present . . . BE WARNED . . . you face a HIGH risk of termination. Even if you are not drinking OR holding alcohol.

The policies on this subject are NOT clear VIA INTERNET. Wait until you have your housing meeting (on day 1 or 2 of arrivals) to find out how they operate.

Best Advice: Ask security at any complex to get a clear idea on the policies for underage participants attending a CP hosted house party. Mention that you don't drink. Security usually rotate complexes, so they have a good idea of what goes down.

Non-Wellness - Over 21 Rules

Non-wellness participants can consume or keep alcohol inside the apartment. You can, of course, drink outside of housing, on Disney property, and wherever alcohol is served.

Hosting Parties: Serving drinks to minors, of course, is against the law and against your Disney contract. This can get you termed. So if you're hosting a party in your apartment, make sure to ask for their HOUSING ID, and NOT their STATE ID because those can be fake (real talk).

As for the Party Bus situation, their is NO clear answer VIA INTERNET on this subject. Housing is against them of course . . . . I discuss this fully in this post. The problem is a person over 21 can be termed for under 21 individuals drinking on the party buses. I know this seems crazy. However, new alumni (2012-2013 participants) say that it HAS happened and it IS possible. It will be has discussed in my Grey Topics post coming up soon.

Roommates Choices

Non-wellness are allowed to room with Wellness participants, but a Non-wellness participant must sign additional papers stating they will not bring alcohol to the apartment and follow the rules like any other Wellness participant.

Obviously, wellness cannot room with Non-wellness roommates. Unless, ALL your future Non-wellness room mates sign the paper work. You must consider this when choosing room mates. 

This is the biggest decision is for a Non-wellness participants, who want to room in a Wellness apartment. Many alumni agreed that it's better to just live in a Non-wellness apartment if you're over 21.

Think about this: You cannot even bring home purchased wines, liquors or champagnes from EPCOT to mail  home to friends or family. Nothing you buy can be brought home.

Unless, you really just do NOT drink alcohol, I would advise no Over 21 participants to stay in a wellness apartment. Many will not even take the risk. But, of course, this is a personal choice. 



  1. I am over 21, but planning to live in wellness because I really don't drink at home, and rarely at all outside of the home. I don't go out to bars in my free time. I REALLY dislike being around drunk people when I am not drinking, which I usually am not. I see you said that a person over 21 living with wellness roommates has to follow all of their rules, and also that you stated in the wellness section that you won't get in trouble for coming home drunk. Like I said, I don't go out drinking often, so I doubt it will be an issue. I just wanted to be clear that following the wellness rules only applies to the apartment and complex grounds, and that if I choose to go to a party or to get drinks I can being that I am 25.

  2. What if you will turn 21 during your time in the DCP? Do you have any advice for people who will turn 21?