January 12, 2014

Email: Final Reminders

Alright, I'm a little late posting this email, but 2 days in a row I got a ton of emails from Disney. I got this email on January 8th, 2014 which 13 days from my arrival date. This basically a final reminder to read the onboarding website before you arrive to make sure you understand what documents you need to bring, check-in time, the location of check-in, check-in attire, direct deposit, packing, and your program perks.

OH! I want to point this out, but it says clearly in this email: "be sure to show up at your schedule arrival time." This is a clear answer to those asking should I arrive at the time I was given in my DORMS email.

For some reason, this emails contain out candidate ID number which I have no idea what to do with right now because we have PERNER numbers.



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