January 12, 2014

8 Disney Days: Song of the South + 8 Orlando Attractions I Want to Try


This is my 10 Disney Days challenge featuring reviews and notes on Disney movies I have never seen or long forgotten. Included with these movies reviews are tasks that I much complete each Day. The task are Disney or Disney College Program related things.

Today's Challenge: 8 Disney Days: Song of the South + 8 Orlando Attractions I Want to Try

Movie: Song of the South

Why: I actually don't know much about this movie. I think the theme for Splash Mountain comes from this film. Not, really sure. I expect a butt load of singing and dancing maybe . . . then again, I really just don't know. LOL! Maybe it'll be a good one. I'm keeping my expectations really low for this film.

I did get word that this movie has a slightly racist undertone to it, so I really want to see what all the hoopla is about with this movie.


Okay, I finally watched it, but not the entire thing. The movie is 90 miniutes long and I got through 3 minutes of the movie. I literally feel asleep half way through the movie. I skipped through the rest of it and got the basics of the story line . . . kind of.

The movie was alright. It was a little sad, but the film had many positive notes. What I did love was the singing of some classic Disney songs. I loved hearing Uncle Remus say you can move or leave, but that doesn't mean your problems are gone. Being in a new place does bot guarantee happiness. Your problems can follow you or you will eventually create new ones.

Otherwise, I am not a real fan. It was great to see the inspiration behind Splash Mountain which will be going under refurbishment for a week. It was very nostalgic and made me excited for Disney.

8 Orlando Attractions I Want to Try

  1. Ifly Orlando - Indoor Skydive
  2. IceBar - Orlando - An entire bar made of ice
  3. Fleaworld Flea market - Suppose to be America's Largest Flea Market
  4. Universal Orlando
  5. Tantelizing Taste and Tours - A food tour of Orlando
  6. DRIP Orlando - Check it out!
  7. Sea World/Aquatica
  8. Shopping - Florida Mall and The Premium Outlets



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