January 11, 2014

DORMS: I'm in Chatham!!!

chatham square 18302

Okay, so yesterday I found out I will be living in Chatham. So, how did I find out? Well, the Jan 13th Arrivals figured out that your apartment information is listed on the parking decal form for the apartments. If you DID NOT register a vehicle, you MAY be able to see it on the DORMS website very close to your arrival date. I will try to test this theory out later. Now, future CPs using the DORMS system know a loophole to finding their apartment information before they arrive to Orlando.

Sidenote: Read this post to learn about the pros and cons of each complex and this one for a video tour of the complexes.

I've been placed in Chatham 18302!

chatham square 18302

This means Building 18, 3rd Floor, Apartment 2.

chatham square 18302

I really thought we were going to get The Commons, but I guess not. Not really bummed about it, but just a little surprised. However, it was my FIRST choice initially and I have live in Chatham before so it's all good. The major plus is rent is CHEAPER than The Commons. I saved $3.00 dollars.

OH! Get this . . . Building 18 is actually across from Building 11 which is my old apartment building. So, I will be using the same laundry machine and mail kiosk . . . talk about Deja Vu!!!

The location is just all around awesome! I'm actually really excited about where they have put us in Chatham.

It's literally next to the laundry room, close to the garbage can outside, close to the buses - really close, close enough to security to call for help but far enough to be mischievous lol and near the clubhouse - a huge bonus. Also, I lived near security in building 11 with no problems.

We are a straight walk to the pool and classrooms located on the other side of the complex. The mail kiosk is also a bit of walk.

My suit mates and I have already chosen our actual rooms inside the apartments. My roommate and I chose bedroom 2 (at the end of the hallway).

It's the main bedroom she is showing in this video:

It's actually perfect not too big, not too small. We call it the goldilocks room. The room is spacious but not huge like Bedroom 1, the closet is the same as bedroom 1 but larger than bedroom 3. The bathroom is a bit larger than Bedroom 1 and has 2 door entrances.

Bedroom 3 (on the right or left side of the hallway next to bedroom 2) has the biggest bathroom, but a smaller room. The closets seems a bit smaller and is located in the bathroom behind the door.

Bedroom 1 (located in the front of the apartment in every 3 bedroom tour of Chatham) has the biggest room space. The bathroom is standard but decent size.

As for the closets, they're all okay. You have enough space and you can walk in the closest, but they're not huge.

The kitchen is a decent size with plenty of cabinet and shelf space. Counter top space is reasonable due to all the cabinet space in the kitchen.There is a dishwasher, garbage disposal, fridge, a few pots/pans, dishes, utensils, a tea kettle, oven/stove and a microwave.

I love the dining areas of Chatham because it's kind of sanctioned off from the others areas unlike Patterson and the Commons. In those 2 complexes it looks like they just threw chairs and a table in the middle of the room or off to the side.

The little table for internet is also a plus! I also believed they have opened up those magical doors inside of the Kitchen to allow more storage space for CPs.

A close look at Chatham:


The Location

Chatham Square is located in the Little Lake Bryan areas right across from Mickey's Retreat and is next to Patterson Court but behind The Commons.

The Units
Each unit in Chatham has 2 beds in each room. The 1 and 3 bedroom units have equal number of bathrooms. The 2 bedroom units will have 1 bedroom with 1 private full bathroom in the room and the other bedroom will a have full bathroom with a door connected to the hallway. The 4 bedroom units have 2.5 bathrooms, with 2 bedrooms sharing a full bathroom and half bathroom located in the hallway. The 4 bedroom units will have 2 fridges.

Mail & Laundry

There are two mail kiosks where students can pick up and drop off their mail. There are laundry machines in buildings 2, 7, 15 (close to me) , and 19 and the machines take debit or credit cards. The laundry card is also available for $5 with a non-refundable $1 fee. You can also sign up for text message alerts for when your machine has finished the wash or dry cycle by going to laundryview.com/chathamsquare.


There is a fitness center, pool, education classrooms, sand volleyball court, outdoor pool table, computer center and a tennis court available to the students living in Chatham Square. There is a bus stop at Chatham Square, which located at the front of the housing center. Mickey's Retreat is across the street from Chatham, if you want to do more recreational activities like rent canoes, sports, grill food, etc. The clubhouse offers rental service, an ATM (Partners FCU), drink machines, Cast Newsletters, and more

Chatham Square Disney Housing bus stop
Major Pros & Cons

CONS: A longer (but completely doable) walking distance to public city transportation, shopping, and eating locations. If your unfavorable to noise, majority of the housing events take place here, so it can be loud during housing events. Closets in these apartments are a bit small, but not tiny. You and your roommate will have just enough space.

PROS: Majority of the housing events are located here. It's the second major bus hub. Within walking distance to a ton of shops and eats. I have made the walk to the Taco Bell in the Outlet food court numerous times with no problems in the Florida heat. Within walking distance to public city transportation (Lynx City Bus and iTrolley). Great pool and fitness center. This complex is considered the "happy medium" for those that like to drink, have fun, and party but also enjoy some quite.

Shops Eats & Drinks within Walking Distance

The Premium Outlets has a lot of shops (Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe = YAY!) but also a full service food court. The food court has Taco Bell, Starbucks, A&W Old Town Ice Cream, Subway, Auntie Anne Pretzels, Mrs. Fields/TCBY and Frozenberry. It also offers Japanese, Chinese, Italian and many other quick service cuisines. 

You can also walk to the Publix Plaza which has, of course, a Publix Grocery Store, Walgreens, more restaurants (Sushiology, Mcdonalds, Outback Steakhouse), a nail shop and other retail stores. 
Chatham Square Disney Housing photos

There is also a bus stop for the iTrolley and Lynx city bus. This great if you wanna get out more (no car) and want to visit Universal. There is TON of stuff to do on Idrive. It's a major tourist area. There are bars (senor frogs/budz), attractions (Wonderworks/Helicopter Tours), shows (Mystery Dinner Shows/DRIP), shopping (Plaza/Centers), banks, spas, salons and much more. I encourage CPs to catch the BUS OR TROLLEY! Get our the Disney are for a change!

There also another little shopping center (far from Chatham but it can done. May take 10-15 mins) that has a Panera, Smoothie shop (can't remember the name), a spa and other shops.


1 Bedroom - $105 - 1 Bathroom

2 Bedrooms - $103 - 2 Bathrooms (1 Bedroom is private/ 1 Bathroom is connected bedroom & hallway)

3 Bedrooms - $92 - 3 Bathrooms

4 Bedrooms - $91 - 2.5 Bathrooms (2 Bedrooms Share Bath/ Half Bath in Hallway)



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