January 22, 2014

Bucket List: Fireworks at Polynesian & Roommate Bonding

The same day (Jan 22nd) me and my suite mate went back to the apartment to do  . . . something. Haha! Somehow, my other roommates convinced us to go to Polynesian (AGAIN) and watch the fireworks. This is where a lot of people where hanging out and meeting up via Facebook and stuff like that. So, we headed for Polynesian.

We got to the Poly and started looking around (again) and decided to get some sweets before the fireworks started. Me and my suite mate decided not to get dole whips again since we've already had one earlier in the day. I settled for a mini mouse cupcake which I actually dropped in the sand.

Of course, Disney cast members save the day and gave me a replacement right in time for the fireworks.

The fireworks started and there was no sound so we made up our own "Wishes" song along with the other viewers at the beach (all DCP folks) and got along just dandy.


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