January 01, 2014

Countdown: 20 Days More Days

20 days until disney countdown
I'm so jealous of the January 8th arrivals, they have less than 10 days until check-in like . . . Oh My Gosh!!! So, I have 20 days til check-in, but the excitement hasn't really hit me yet I don't know what's wrong with me. *sigh* Perhaps, I'm nervous even though I've done the program before. Hmm . . . don't know. Anyway, to details, according to the Disney onboarding website . . . .

10-20 Days From Arrival

Start Thinking About Housing/Roommate Preferences
Incoming participants may have the opportunity to indicate preferences for apartment complex, unit size and/or roommates. Pre-registration begins approximately 10 days prior to check-in day.

Complete Hire Documentation
You will need to complete your Hire Documentation prior to your arrival.

Bring Proper Vehicle Documentation
Participants are allowed to bring a car and parking at the apartment complexes is free of charge to housing residents. Please be sure to bring the proper documentation required to secure a parking decal.

Bring a Canceled Check
You will need a blank check from your checking account to set up direct deposit for your weekly pay.

Review the list of suggested items to bring as well as the list of prohibited items.

The Room mate preference step is actually under the 30-60 days out list, but should be under 10-20 days out. I believe that is a typo on Disney's part since, it clearly says you will receive DORMS 10 days from your arrival date.

20 days until disney countdownThe January 8th individuals have already completed the DORMS system. No one seemed to have too many issues with the system. There was a little bit of chatter for a few days, but then the noise died down. I believe the DORMS system is only open for maybe 10 days. If you do not register within that time frame you will be put in line to complete it at check-in. This is not concrete . . . . matter of fact read it here. Make sure you read the comments section.

I've completed my new hire documents. As for the void check, I have decided to sign-up for Disney's payroll card and after a week or two I will change it to my bank if I do not like the payroll card. I will be flying into Orlando International Airport, so I have no need for bringing vehicle information.

As for packing, I haven't started. *don't judge me*. I have seriously been putting it off until the last minute. I leave January 15th, so I'll probably start on Jan 10th. Perhaps, next week I will post an ultimate packing list and tips.



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