January 02, 2014

Email: See Ya Real Soon

A new email from Disney Recruiting arrived on December 29th, 2013. It's similar to the other email I got in Mid-December.

Instead of reminding us about the onboarding website that no one seems to read, this email reminds everyone to complete the new hire documents, which seems to be freaking out a lot of programmers who have already completed the documents.

Of course, DORMS is out for many participants, read about that here, so that means the January, 20th arrivals should be next in line for registration. 

The New Hire Documents should be sent 10 days from your arrival, but of course it can be earlier. I believe 10 days out is the latest you should receive the documents.

At the bottom of the email, is a reminder to prepare your eligibility documents, read over the Disney Look, and complete the new hire documents. This is also the time to submit medical and religious accommodation forms for work. A link to a short packing list has been made available on the boarding site.



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