January 18, 2014

DCP Tidbits: January 18th, 2014

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About: This is my new Disney College Program tidbits post. I will basically post tidbits from the Facebook group, my personal experience in the program, things I notice, and anything I find around the internet about the program for 2014.

A DORMS email has been a3 or 4 days prior to arrival. These emails contain a assigned arrival time. The time lists are usually 8-9, 9-1030, and 11-12. Of course, this has caused so much confusion and debate in the Facebook group. See my next point . . .

CHECK-IN has begun for many CPs, and the reports from Jan 8th and 13th check-ins have confused future arrival dates with all their personal check-in day experiences. As I stated before, assigned check-in times have been given to CPs prior to arrival. Jan 13th participants were given a time, but many showed up early and got through the line just fine . . . they said NO ONE checked. 

Many believe Disney is doing this to avoid congestion during check-in day. This is causing problems since many CPs have made arrangements according to old check-in stories.

Now, many Jan 20th CPs are debating what they should do come check-in day, considering that Casting is now assigned NO MATTER how early you arrive to check-in. So, you can no longer just hop on the first bus to Casting and be done with it for the rest of the day.

However, many stated they DO NOT want to stand in line for 3 hours on check-in day for many reasons (such as dropping off parents).

THE HOUSING TEAM will now make you go to the back of the line during check-in if you carry your luggage next to you IN LINE. They will make you take it to Vista security for safe holding, and then make you lose your place in the check-in line. The way the area at Vista is set-up there will hundreds of CPs will be standing in line by the time your done putting up your luggage.

ARRIVING AT 7AM is recommended because that is the end of quiet hours. A CP reported that at 6:55AM or so there was no CPs  at the Vista Way security gate. Then, all of suddent 7AM hits and CPs start come out of nowhere. Be prepare and arrive early.

PLEASE NOTE: No one really wants to show up at their designated time for fear of long lines. Some strictly say come at YOUR TIME and some say COME EARLY. It's a personal choice!

BACKGROUND CHECKS are keeping new CPs out of Traditions. The background checks are piling up while the system is slowing down. It was reported that about 10 minutes to an 1 hours before your orginial Traditions schedule time, they resveived a call from Casting saying they could not attend Traditions because their background check did not arrive on time.

Some CPs waited a week before they were called in for Traditions. A lot of calls came in today and Traditions will be held today (on a Saturday - Jan 19th) to help speed up the process before the Big Wave comes (Jan 20th arrivals).

JAN 20TH arrival date is rumored to be the biggest arrival date. I've read ball park ranges from 1,000 to 1,200 but nothing less than 1,000.

CAST DEPLOYMENT has revealed people's work locations. Their automated system has dialed numbers in the system asking trained cast members from a certain role/location to pick-up shifts. More on this later.

MAIN GATE issues have arisen for those CPs that have been through Traditions. Some noted that Ticket Greeters are denying entrance or giving them a hard time for those not having their Main Entrance pass.

These passes are mailed to you. Remember: You must immediately change your address in the HUB to receive your passes at your Disney Housing Apartment or else they will be mailed back to yout HOME STATE or COLLEGE.

You can use the Blue Cast Member pass to get in, but many CPs are being sent too Guest Relations for complimentary passes. A few CP reports noted that Ticket Greeters and Guest Relations cast member shave been treating CPs poorly and with attitude when they try to get in with their blue pass.



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