January 18, 2014

The Accidental Reveal of My Work Location

So, on January 15th I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Orlando with my family. I got a call and my Grandma handed me the phone. I got real nervous!! It was an automated message from Cast Deployment.

It said "Custodial workers trained in Epcot World Showcase call "this number" for cast deployment to pick up an extra shift". Okay, that isn't exact, but you get the point.

My heart started racing and I was filled with excitement!! I didn't know what to think, I asked on Facebook with no responses - sadly. However, 2 days later another future Custodial CP posted about it and I was surprised. Then another came forward and so did I.

One particular CP said she got the same call from cast deployment 5 days prior to her arrival date asking for Pop Century Front Desk cast members, and when she got to Disney that's exactly where she was placed.

Other CPs chimed in stating they've gotten those calls after they completed the program and that Epcot will probably end up being our location.

Here I was . . . dying to know my location or to at least get a hint. LOL! Well, this could change between now and Monday. *highly doubt it*  I will keep my head high and post my report when I find out on check-in day.



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