January 09, 2014

DCP Tidbits: January 9th, 2014

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About: This is my new Disney College Program tidbits post. I will basically post tidbits from the Facebook group, my personal experience in the program, things I notice, and anything I find around the internet about the program for 2014.

JAN 13th ARRIVALS have figured out how to find out your housing complex and apartment number before you arrive. If you or a roommate are registering for a vehicle during DORMS, it will state on the parking decal which housing complex you will live in. The downside is if you go random, you will now know how many bedrooms are in the apartment. People having 4 or 6 roommates has a general idea of the number of bedrooms but it's not confirmed. 

However, this only worked for Jan 13th arrivals. No one from Jan 20th arrival date was able to see their apartment information on their decals. So it's been predicted that Jan 20th arrivals may be able to see it after the DORMS registration period closes on Jan 10th and possibly on the 13th.

DURING DORMS you may have noticed that if you picked your roommates, you could NOT pick the size of the bedrooms. Typically, you can choose from a range of bedrooms (1-4) by stating your preference from high to low. You could still pick the complex from high to low. 

My roommates and I discovered this problem during our registration, but after one of my roommates contacted housing, she was told that, "if you have linked 6 roommates you will be given the option of a 3 or 4 bedroom but nothing lower". I guess this is to keep us together. However, we are okay with this because we all agreed that the price of a 2 bedroom is too much money and would rather stick it out in a 4 bedroom with less bathrooms. So, this could be the same issue for those with 4 or 6 roommates.

JAN 8th ARRIVAL check-in reports are in! Many arrivals noted that arrival was smooth and it was possible to arrive at check-in at 7AM instead of waiting in line at 5AM or 6AM. Once check-in was open, new arrivals reported that check-in took a decent 30 minutes to 1 hours depending on when you arrived. 

However, the real problem was Casting. ALL January 8th arrivals were told to come back to Casting at 2:30PM. Yes, they had a long gap between check-in and casting. Once the CPs arrived to Casting, the real problems started and it took a minimum of 2 hours to complete casting. However, many reported it taking 3-4 hours to get through Casting. One CP stated the paperwork itself only took 30 minutes, and the rest of time was spent standing in line. It was also reported that computers are down and having problems.

CLASS registration should be ending soon and the drop date for classes is Jan 11th, 2014.

DORMS registration has not been sent to all Jan 20th arrival yet, many CPs for this date have reported that they did receive an email yet from Disney Housing. A CP that had this problem called Disney and they said that another registration should be coming out soon.



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