January 23, 2014

Disney College Program Traditions & the Disney Look

After a full day of Resort Hopping and Fireworks, I had traditions. I had morning sessions. I can't remember the exact time, but it was like a 6AM/7AM kind of early. They break traditions down into 2 sessions (one morning and one night). 

My Traditions class was approximately 5 hours long. 

Let me give a little run down:

We had to bring our programs. There are separate buses just for Traditions. I think I saved all the papers (I'll post them if possible). But, everything is laid out for you.

On the programs there is a number that separates you with where you needed to be. Once, you are separated you went up to you're class as they called your number. 

Once you're in class, you sit and sign-in (I think) and wait for class to start. 

You're given a traditions book to follow along with as well as some other materials. They give you trivia, you win some cute prizes, listen to the Traditions Cast Member stories, become inspired, watch a video that makes you cry, and gain your ears in a VERY special way. You will probably cry. I had a tear!

Side note: Something I noticed about Disney (that's kind of annoying) is that when you do a Disney event, training, or some kind of session . . . the Cast Members always talk about themselves and tell their Disney story. The talk about where their from, education/school, Disney career, and blah! So, get ready for that because while it's really fun at first it can get annoying after awhile.

Oh and one more thing, they did not really check for the Disney Look for real. Not in my session, it was pretty chill. We just walked in by the bus load and listen to the announcements being made by the Traditions Staff. So, unless you were wearing something crazy or ultra noticeable then no one said anything. For example, my glass were not AND are not really Disney Look, but no one said anything during my entire program (1 full year). I (me, myself) mentioned it to a recruiter at Casting and they (the cast members) inquired about it, then gave me some options (that I didn't do), but it was no big deal from then on. 

This was a great surprise to me because during my first program (2008) they check when you walked into the door of Disney University (where Traditions is always held). People were being sent back for everything including one of my roommates at the time. She was sent back for having open toed shoes! 

I noticed the main things they seem to be strict on is hair for male and female, tattoos, and costumes. Let me explain:

Hair (Male) - Facial hair and hair cuts was a huge issue. My managers (WSC Custodial) would give the guys razors and shaving cream at work to clean up their beads or shadows. I noticed this throughout the entire program, so fellas this is big deal. Hair cuts should look neat and presentable, follow the DCP Official guide for male hair styles and cuts.

Hair (Female) - The only big deal for females was HAIRCOLOR. I've heard some horror stories from check-in day. Of course, you cannot have fire engine red hair or ocean blue braids, it has to be a natural hair color. Keep hair highlights to a minimal or somewhat unnoticeable from your natural hair (which defeats the purpose, I know). Get to know you're managers and location to learn how flexible they are with the Disney Look. I'm pretty sure no one cared if I had highlights or did some changes in my location, but of course things can change.  Hair styles was no problem. Dreads are no problems, they just need to be neat.

Tattoos -  Find a way to covers them cause Disney is not having it . . . AT ALL. Many wore longs sleeves under their costume. Ask costuming for assistance on finding a long sleeve piece. I seen them in the custodial costuming area. It's suppose to be for the winter, but you can use it year round. Try experimenting with some tattoo blends and cover-up cosmetics.

Costume - Please wear your belt if you have one, purchase the correct color socks and get the right color shoes. Disney is super strict on this at almost every location and in every role. Belts, shoes, and socks are a big deal!!


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