January 23, 2014

Work Life: Custodial Epcot World Showcase

dcp wok location and housing ID

Hooray!!! So my prediction was correct! I am in Epcot. As you can see from the photo, I have World Showcase. I have Traditions on Jan 23rd, the second sessions which is at 4PM.

This information is posted on the back of the 2014 Program Guide. I also include the housing IDs. If I were under 21, it would have a yellow rectangle on it with UNDER 21 written in black bold letters.

My Weekly Schedule:

Thursday at 4PM I have Traditions. I am free Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don't ever remember having this many days off during the first week!

As for my schedule so far:

Monday is Custodial Core Training at Disney University at 8am
Tuesday is Theme Park Orientation at 8am.

UPDATE: I have my schedule somehwhere may post a picture since I'm done with DCP now.


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  1. I am happy to hear you got this job! I am applying for the DCP also and am extremely nervous about everything! I hope to hear more from you about your experience there! thanks!