January 10, 2014

Email: Disney Housing Boarding Pass

Okay,I'm posting this a bit late. However, this is the final email I received after completing DORMS the other day. This email contains our boarding pass barcode (like an airport lol) that the Housing Team will scan on check-in day to give us our housing assignment and keys.

After, my room mate completed the DORMS registration first so we could link up, I was sent an email notifying me that I've been linked, and then I completed the registration after I got the email.

My part of the registration took 15 minutes, this includes receiving all emails related to DORMS. This is the final email you'll receive until closer to check-in.

You have the start of registration and until the end of registration period to go back into DORMS and change your information. Once, the registration period is over you CANNOT change anything. Your choices will be locked in to the system.

This email has your barcode for scanning at check-in and your roommate ID number which actually your PERNR work number.



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