January 07, 2014

Email: DORMS is here!

I finally got my DORMS (Disney Onsite Resident Management System) registration information email. This purpose of this registration is to fill out vehicle information, read over the housing handbook, print the necessary documents prior to arrival, indicate your housing preferences, and to get your boarding pass.

I actually expected to receive this on the 11th because that is actually 10 days out, however, I received it today (Jan, 7th) in my email at 8:40AM. January 20th participants DORMS registration period is from Jan 7th to Jan 10th.

When my roommate is done collecting everyone's roommate numbers then I can receive my new DORMS email and complete the process. So, I will put that in different post. I will post the email with the information for the most accuracy. 

If you decided NOT to go random: 

  • you need everyone's registration number first
  • then pick one person to fill out DORMS first
  • this person will input your numbers into their DORMS system application
  • after they complete DORMS an email will be sent to you asking to link up with the other people
  • you will open this new email and start your DORMS registration
  • during your DORMS registration, they ask you to confirm linking up with the individuals linked
  • Once you confirmed, you print your information and complete DORMS

If you decide TO GO random:

  • you only need you information from the 2 emails
  • sign-in and complete DORMS
  • when you get to the room mate part, choose the option to "be adventurous"
  • fill out your housing preferences and complete the DORMS process
  • print out any information you are asked to print

First here are the 2 emails you should receive from Disney Housing:

Here's the DORMS email, read this for the most accuracy on how to complete DORMS and linking up with roomates:

MESSAGE 1 of 2 

This includes your roommates number which is actually your PERNER/WORK number, so please do not share it and block it out when posting screenshots.

MESSAGE 2 of 2

This email contains your password to log-in to DORMS.



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