November 07, 2013

Disney College Program: Postcard

Disney College Program Acceptance Postcard

After going through the entire application process, you will receive an acceptance letter via snail mail from Disney College Program Recruiting. No longer do we receive the infamous purple folders from the past. Now it's purple poster with your name. It's still exciting! 

It took me about 25 days to receive mine in the mail. Not everyone will receive this email. Although, I've read on the Facebook Groups that you may contact them about a month from your acceptance date and request one. 

This is the final sign of you being accepted into the Disney College Program.  This stage I am currently at, next will be class registration which is November 11, 2014. 


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  1. Sorry, I'm confused. Do you get this as actual mail and an email? Or do you just get one of them? Also, I've heard people talk about 'waves of acceptance' emails?