December 12, 2013

Countdown: 40 days down, now what?

Disney World Countdown 39 Days

Time certainly flies around the holidays. With Black Friday shopping, being stuffed with turkey plus pie, and preparing for Christmas I have been a little busy.

Now that some time has passed, that means it's getting closer to my departure day (Jan 15th) and check-in (Jan 20th).

With only 40 days out, there's not much to do Disney Recruiting wise, since I am still within the 30-60 day phase according to the onboarding website. I have already completed my new hire documents that arrived in  my email long before the Thanksgiving holiday. The real deal comes about 10-20 days out from your arrival date, which I will post when it's time.

I have only received a very very late education email from Disney about registering for courses, which I did on November 11th, 2013. Everything that can be done has been done!

Right now it's time to find room mates (if you haven't already or prefer to go random), complete your new hire documents (must be done before your arrival date), start that DCP bucket list, plan out your packing list or start buying a few things for your apartment and do deep research on: program policies, disney look, money/pay, the Orlando area, and anything that comes up.


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